The Eternal Debate

It's pretty safe to say that the LiveJournal vs. Blogger debate has a pretty clear answer in my mind. There are only a couple of people's journals I read. Some are friends that live near me that I don't talk to nearly enough so it's the only way I know what's going on in their lives (or at least what they tell me of it). And some are people I've never met but consider friends. A few of the journals I've read have removed me from the friends list. Which is pretty standard considering my updates were fairly infrequent.

So, I killed the LJ a week (has it even been a week?) ago and just reactivated it today. Why? Sheer laziness. I still read a few of the journals and rather than bookmark 3 or 4 different pages, I figured if I kept my LJ active, dropped a load every now and then, I could still keep these people on the friends page and easily read about their exploits.

But I have seriously just lost interest in the whole LiveJournal scene (other than the 3 journals I read). I'm not going to extol the virtues of Blogger anymore on these pages, the frequency of updates states my preference.

I don't really know what the hell the point of this is. No, really I don't.

So, carry on (my wayward son?)


~ruthie said...

you haven't entertained us with any thrifting expeditions lately. I miss the forays into the illustrious world of, well, used stuff. :)

Todd S. said...

oh, don't worry...they're coming. :-)

I may have to dig into the archives.


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