Later For You, 2005

The tendency here is to make this particular post an electronic version of a bad 10th Grade "What I Did Over Christmas Vacation" theme. But I'll spare you.

Mostly out of sheer laziness on my part.

Who cares? As long as you don't have to read another list of what people got for Christmas that you wish you'd gotten (or are quite happy you didn't get), right? Or a quaint little list of what my 2006 resolutions are (it's short. There's one. Make Movies. Period).

Nah, you don't need any of that crap. And I don't need to write it. I know how my Christmas vacation went (very well, thank you). I spent time with Family both here and in Indiana. I got some cool presents (and exchanged a few other not so cool presents). And the kids were heard several times saying this was the best Christmas ever. Ever. One's 10, the other's 11. Ever. They don't know from ever, but it was still nice to hear.

And with that I officially conclude my first post of 2006. No fanfare for the passing year. No trumpets heralding the new year. It's simply another day.

To make movies.

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