The Voyages of the starship Thrifterprise!

OK. This isn't a thrift post (sorry to get your hopes up), but it IS cool (to me) and involves a vintage bit of Americana.

I'm talking of course, of the Shat.

James Tiberius Kirk, himself.

This is modeled along the lines of one of those motivational posters and has become my new favorite desktop.



Darrin said...

You should check out his latest album (that he did with Ben Folds) called Has Been. I love it.

Kerri said...

I, too, am much in love with the album. Can never decide which is my favorite song -- although it's a tie between "Common People" and the Aimee Mann one. Oh, and Henry Rollins. Or even the Brad Paisley (!)....

I Know You Got Soul

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