Things to Come

Alrighty...this could very well turn in to a long apologetic post detailing why I haven't given you any thrift-love in so very very long.
But it's not going to.
It is, instead, going to turn in to a little teaser.
I'm going to the Ohio Thrift Store at lunch today boys and girls. For one purpose and one purpose only.....To give you thrifty goodness. I brought the camera to work today and have already secured my wingman. If all goes well, the photos and jocular sidebars will be uploaded tonight (tomorrow at the very latest).
You've been warned. :-)
Oh, and I'll do that bit about catching up on my life some other time. I'm phoning this entry in from work and don't want to spend too much time on it.
Adieu (to ewe and ewe and ewe),

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