Why My Wife Rocks (reason #328)

Let's face it, I'm no pinnacle of physical fitness. No one's going to confuse me with a modern day Adonis. I'm not going to just go right out and run a marathon or anything. But my wife did...well, half of one (which is pretty freakin' cool if you ask me...because I couldn't run 13.1 miles if a bear was chasing me, let alone by choice).

The starting line (long after everyone had started).

Nancy crossing the finish line about to elbow Grizzly Adams out of the way. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Said Finish Line.
A neat little Nationwide ad that we saw as we walked to the finish line to cheer for Nancy (notice the van that's covered in the paint).

So yeah...my wife rocks!! No word on her official time, but we're betting it was better than last year. And would have been better still if not for a little nunsense with her feet around mile 8. C'est la vie.

Have a good rest of your Sunday.

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Maryann said...

Way to GO Nancy! BTW Happy belated anniversary. Five years! GO YOU GUYS!!!!!

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