This makes me giddy-RAWK!

It's real :-) Holy crap it's real. Don't worry. Feet are still on the ground. Now, when the plane tickets show up...THAT will be a different story.

The Phoenix Show
The Vegas Show
The San Fransisco Show
The L.A. Show

And this article was kind of cool. Now, I can't tell from it if the celebs they mentioned are going to be on the tour bus or just at one of the camps (the LA one, most likely). Not sure. Either way, it's cool. Although, the only one I know is Angus from Two and a Half Men. Angus...what a frickin' rawk name!

What's funny is all of the articles talking about it changing peoples lives. Hell, I feel like winning the contest has had a positive effect on my life-let alone whatever I'll come across at the camp.

What a wonderful ride!

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