Operation Facebook Detox is in full effect. I think I may have mentioned this earlier today. I am pretty sure I posted it on Google+ and Twitter, both of which are like the methadone clinic of the online social media realm...if for no other reason than yes, they too can become addicting, but the exposure to both (at least for me) has been nothing on the magnitude of FB.


And it's funny to me. No texts, no emails, no messages asking if anything's wrong. It's proof to the adaptability and inherent acceptance we all seem to have of Facebook. In that something changed, but people may not know immediately what changed, if they should worry about it, or if they should do anything at all, so we just carry on and proceed as normal.


I can't tell you how many friends I used to look forward to their status updates every morning and then they stopped. I can't tell you because I don't remember. It just becomes part of the scenery. And the new timeline and newsfeed bullshit is so buggered up that it makes one think they've lost their mind when they try to find anything anyway...so it's no wonder.


I give it until Wednesday before someone (who doesn't frequent this blog) says something. And maybe even not then.


It's cook though, this is the exact thing I need. I know this in my bones. The time and freedom that is going to come from making the break will pay out immeasurable dividends.


And who knows, I might even figure out that I can write again.

One can only hope.


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