Note to self....

Dear Future Todd,
I know at one point you used to think that ANY pickle was a good pickle. And for the most part, your 40 years of existence in this lifetime has born that out.

Until now.

Please, when this jar is finished (because it's a shame to waste even a bad pickle), but PLEASE do not ever buy 'Sugar Free Bread and Butter Pickle Chips' again.

Splenda doesn't work in pickles. Period.

Thank you
Present Todd


Chris and Don said...

First of all, bread and butter pickles are not pickles in my opinion but how you even thought Splenda in pickles would be a good plan, I'm not sure! ;-)

Todd S. said...

Well...that's true. I was looking for something sweet to balance out the salsa and pepper rings in my salads...and didn't really want the sugar. In retrospect, I should have taken the sugar...there's such a weird taste to these things. LOL

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