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Tuck the Kiddies in Bed First...

This is not really going to be a work friendly post...or at least it will be perceived that way.

Seems that the folks over a NASA have been busy thinking of ways to put skin on robots. Don't really know why. Don't really care.

What results is a funny (albeit bassackwards) pr campaign. And if you think someone on the Daily Show isn't about to eat this up...think again.

Just so you know...the following has the potential to offend (but what advance in progress didn't offend someone along the way).

Here's NASA's official story on the product.

And here's the video.

And, in the off chance that you needed's a screen capture from the video:

Confessions of a Poser/Halloween Pt. 2

I'm a poser. Or at least I was until tonight.
In casual conversation anytime between yesterday and the month after I graduated high school, I had no problem letting slip to anyone in casual conversation that I "used to skate" in my teen days. Which, to be honest, was bulls**t. My "skating" amounted to the following: carrying around issues of Thrasher, being able to talk the talk, but being deathly afraid someone at somepoint would call me out. Luckily, a knee injury my senior year (on Ski Club) ended my pro career before it even took off.

I wanted to be a skater. They were cool. They listened to cool shit. Wore cool shoes. Got hot goth babes (Before anyone knew enough to call them goth) and had kick ass haircuts. I didn't listen to 'cool' music. My first exposure to DeadKennedies or Violent Femmes was on the car ride downtown to the anti-drug meetings with Kara Putinksy. She was a punk. She hung out with skaters (and other people who seemed out of pla…

Halloween, Pt. 1.3

There are few holidays I enjoy more than Halloween. It plays in to my inherent sense of theatrics. Like the severed head. It looks a LOT creepier in photos and video than it does in real life (although it looks pretty damn good in person too).

Normally Halloween weekend would find us in Indiana for the annual Monster Nash. But due to some video work I'm doing for the church (and the fact that we had the kids this weekend), we found ourselves staying in Ohio. And, since we were here, we found our way over to our friends' family halloween party (a lot LOT tamer than Nash's, but still enjoyable in its own right.Nancy went as a 'Pink Lady'-esque hottie from the Grease era. Tommy went as a ghoul of some sort. I was Bruce Banner (after having just changed back from being the Hulk) and Jen went as Darth Vader. Later, another Vader showed up (along with a dude who fully committed to the Darth Maul costume complete with horns spirit glued to his head).Here's Jen with min…

Extra Crispy Thrift

Halloween is upon us and as the town where the 18th Amendment was drafted, we sure know how to party! We close the streets (well, some side streets), put up all of our Council "elect me" signs and throw a little party we call "Fourth Friday--Midnight Madness!!!"

After a satisfying run at the local pizza buffet, we hit the streets. First up was a vintage shop that we normally just walk past, but the siren song of hot cider and warm donuts was too much for me to take in my weakened condition (that condition being having just gorged myself on pizza and cinnamon rolls).

But...I WAS glad I had the camera. That way I'm not the only one creeped out by what we saw.

Starting the gore fest off is the parade of creepy dolls.

Starting with the Linda Blair "Exorcist Play-At-Home Game" (just add pea soup for a hellishly good time):

From that we go to the Baby-That-Had-Its-Eye-Gouged-Out:

Joan Rivers must really be older than dirt. We found the rare Joan Rivers Doll (I…

Thrifting With Todd: Episode 1:"High Plains Thrifter"

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's this: I dig going to the thrift store.

There's a few decent ones near my house and there there's this one:

When it was Builder's Square, I never went there (of course I was 14). But now? I'm there at least once a week.

It's basically my mecca.

On the last Wednesday of every month, everything (mostly everything) is 1/2-off. Needless to say it's usually a mad house.

Yesterday was no exception.

It was just nutty. Seriously. I have an hour for lunch, and this store is 5 minutes from where I work. If I actually buy something on these crazy Wednesdays, I'm late getting back to the office. So, I only really buy stuff on the crazy Wednesdays when my boss is out of the office.

I thought that you might like to step into the weirdness that is Thrifting With Todd --as soon as Blogger lets you associate theme music with text, there will be some there (and yes, this will be a regular feature as I frequently encounter…

First Post (All Over Again)

I've been here before. A couple years back I had a blog named, originally enough, "Random Meanderings". So, this is not new ground to me.

What is new is a level of self censorship. When my daughter was younger, there was little chance that she would see what was in my blog. So, my colored commentaries on life, politics, driving in Ohio could spew forth in all their glory.

This is no longer the case. She surfs the web at her mom's house (or when she comes to work with me). And I know she has found one of my blogs and have no doubt that she'll find this one, too.

But that's OK. When I was a kid someone said 'never say anything you wouldn't want your mom to read.' Pretty good advice. And, I guess if I feel the urge to really let loose with profanities, I can always drop a little 'friends-only' action over in LJ land.

So where was I? Oh yes. Randomness.

That's the name of this blog.

Things that strike me as funny, odd, weird, sad, …