First Post (All Over Again)

I've been here before. A couple years back I had a blog named, originally enough, "Random Meanderings". So, this is not new ground to me.

What is new is a level of self censorship. When my daughter was younger, there was little chance that she would see what was in my blog. So, my colored commentaries on life, politics, driving in Ohio could spew forth in all their glory.

This is no longer the case. She surfs the web at her mom's house (or when she comes to work with me). And I know she has found one of my blogs and have no doubt that she'll find this one, too.

But that's OK. When I was a kid someone said 'never say anything you wouldn't want your mom to read.' Pretty good advice. And, I guess if I feel the urge to really let loose with profanities, I can always drop a little 'friends-only' action over in LJ land.

So where was I? Oh yes. Randomness.

That's the name of this blog.

Things that strike me as funny, odd, weird, sad, all of the above will most likely find their way here.

Today's fortune cookie says it best:

You are given the chance to take part in an exciting adventure.

Indeed, fortune cookie, indeed.

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