The Bargain King

So how, you may ask, can I consider myself the Bargain King? Divine
Appointment? Self-proclaimed lunacy? A little of both,I'm afraid.

It's actually something that friends have called me (not a title I
chose, but rather embraced). We'll be out looking at stuff, and a friend
will say "Hey Todd, I'm looking for this fibulator bit..keep an eye out
if you see one." And sure enough, a day or two later, I'll see one. And
at a really good price, too. I would say that the caveat is that
it has to be second hand. Finding things on sale (while they may be
bargains), doesn't quite hold the same thrill of finding something
second hand for a REALLY good price.

Here's a few of the finds that I'm particulary proud of:

  • Memorex 64MB MP3 Player--$14.99

  • 64MB xD Memory card --$9.99 (at the time I got this, they were going
    for about $30)

  • PowerBook 160, 100MB SCSI ZIP drive, several ZIP disks,external 56K Modem and assorted software--$9.99 (for the lot)

  • SceneIt TV Edition--$2.92

  • Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition--$6.99

  • LightSaber Battle Game--$6.99

  • Speak & Spell, Speak & Math--these are thriftstore gold. If you see any of the Texas Instruments "Speak &..." series for less than $5 (pre-1984, and working)--buy them. You won't regret it. I've turned everyone I've purchased on eBay for anywhere from $15-$45 a piece.

  • Lava Lamps--over the course of my thrifting, I've gone through about 10 of these at various times, none cost more than $15, most around the $5-$10 mark. Although none have been truly 'vintage', most are still current models selling for upwards of $30.

  • Atari 2600, VGC (the paper was still on the sticky part of the TV connector!!), with all controllers (and covers on the joystick), also included Space Invaders, Combat, and Pac-Man.--$3.99

I'm sure I'm leaving out some of the biggies (and I may edit this list at a later time), but these were the ones I could remember off the top of my head.

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