I Wear My Thrift Glasses At Night

As promised, after a fine (free) dinner at LoneStar, we headed over to the holyland.

There's something about the sexy glow of the OhioThrift sign after a long day.

I came across this shirt early on. I was intrigued by a shirt with somebody's name in quotation marks. What could it mean? Maybe the answer is on the back....

Ummm. This is a little weird. OK. A lot weird. Creepy as hell.
And what's worse, I'm still no closer to unraveling the "JEFF" mystery.

Ahhh. Classic. Vintage. The real deal. You may not know how to tell vintage from the noveau-vintage, but I do.

This one's from Gold Circle. There was a Gold Circle down the street from my house. They closed in 1988. So, at the very least, this shirt is 17 years old. Probably older judging from the fact that it's 100%Nylon.


Continuing the trend of finding gender misappropriate garments in the men's section, I present this, uh, holiday sweater.

This goes perfectly with the Nuclear Power Commission shirt (complete with an embroidered Texas) I got. Unfortunately, this one was too small. It's a shame. Now I'll never be able to profess my belief that one omnipotent being would choose one "country" to bless over another.

We found this near the checkout line. My first instinct was "how odd. A Sir Elton John doll."

Nancy came up with the winning caption:
"Because the doll told me to..."

Damn. I wish I knew some drag queens. At $7, this was a total steal.

This, believe it or not, is actually a fish. And a cookie jar. A cookie jar fish. Regardless of its intended purpose, I still can't shake the fact that getting a cookie out of the cookie-jar-fish's back (by lifting the dorsal fin), would scar a child for life.

"AAAAHHHH!!!! I'm Santa-Santa-Brain!!! And I SEE YOU WHEN YOU'RE SLEEPING!!!!!"

And here we have 5 lovely (freakin' weird) abassadors from CreepyDollLand. There was a 6th, but she didn't make it past customs.

Sorry there's not more, but the night was all about me getting some clothes at half price. And Nancy getting killer boots.

Tune in next week for another exciting episode!!

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Kim said...

CreepyDollLand. **shiver** My idea of total hell.

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