Never Underestimate the Power of a Severed Head

It being the day after Halloween and all, I decided to bring my severed head into work, plop it in the bowl of left-over (or picked over as the case may be) candy and see just what hilarity ensued.

It was a rather dull day of head squeezing and "what the f***?" stares from my co-workers until Tim came by.

Tim could always be counted on to play along. He's cool like that.

But when it was discovered that wearing a severed head made his chest hair look Italian, it found its way back in the bowl.

Not to be outdone by Tim's Severed Head Routine, Ken decided to try on one of the temporary tattoos.(It's a spider).

Overall the day was festive (well, aside from having to wear my firefighter hat all day and then to have to explain to people (a)why I was wearing a firefighter hat (it's a metaphor) and (b)why the candy selection was so crappy (I'd already eaten my fill, and this was the pickovers from the kids candy anyways).

Yup. All in all a GREAT day after Halloween.

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