School Spirit? What's That?

There were parts of high school that I liked and parts that blew chunks. Hindsight is amazing. Looking back I think I would have liked to take relationships (of the boyfriend/girlfriend variety) a LOT less seriously than I did at the time (same could be said for college, I suppose).
The only reason this is even coming up is because I still keep getting emails from Classmates.com (what WAS I thinking??). And the more I look at the people that registered from my class, the more I realize that there are only about 3 of them that I'd even want to talk to. And even then I'd probably not want to do it sober.
Which brings us to the reunion.
2005 should be the 15 year reunion.   There was no 5 year (I beleive it was a 7 year, and held at a bar somewhere). The 10 year absolutely blew a$$ and was enough to convince me that I don't think I have ANY reason to venture to another class reunion.  These people are not the same people I went to high school with. And I'm not the same person. And the ones that ARE the same have had zero growth (and were as much pricks then as they are now).  So why go through that?
The only twinge I feel is the fact that there is NOT a reunion. By ignoring "tradition" altogether they are taking away the one chance I have of opening that letter and saying "Phttt...There's no way in hell I'm going back THERE again" (that is, until I get the RenFest flyer).


~ruthie said...

my 11 year hs reunion was this past april (because noone cared enough to plan one before, i guess).

i didn't go--but the flier that was sent out basically said, "come and see all of your friends". um, hello? i haven't seen any of these people for 11 years--they aren't exactly my friends.

i guess noone else saw the irony of the friends thing except for me.

but i am in total agreement about the reunion thing.

Todd S. said...

exactly. The people that I WAS friends with, I'm still in touch with.

The rest can just toss off as far as I'm concerned. :-)

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