There's A Party In My Cube (and I Didn't Even Know It)

I do tech support by day.
My real love is movies (and sometimes music..and movies about music give me a real chub).

But I'm not doing that for a living yet. And I say yet because I will. Soon.
Not soon enough, but soon.

So I thought I'd expose you to my cube. My home away from home. That little corner of insanity that keeps me from going postal.

Without further ado.

My cube.

Here we have the full on view:

And then we head from left to right:

This concludes our tour of my cubicle.
Come back next week (or day after tomorrow) for a feature I like to call "Wayne Says: Geek Wisdom For the Ages."


Darrin said...

what freakin' guitar is that with all the scribblin' on it?

Todd S. said...

That's the "WASSUP?!" Signature Edition. Basically, it's $25 thrift store reject classical (that holds it's tone surprisingly well), that we signed, drew on, put stickers on, etc.

It's our stress releiver. Anyone who plays it gets to sign it.

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