A Blip On the Update Radar

I love the word 'radar.' In fact, I love all palindromes (but that's a story for another time).

Just popping in to say that I started the undertaking of re-arranging the studio last night. The record shelves were re-configured and the tie-dye grateful dead banner flies high.

All that's left now is to:
  • move the desk up
  • move the table with the turntables (the DJ Table) closer to the desk
  • slide the hammond a little further to the left of where it is now
  • place the 4 shelf unit (which will house the 12" singles and 45's) closer to the DJ table
  • go through the album collection, integrating Shelley's albums with my own collection and pulling the ones that I won't really be listening to and putting those back in the album boxes that Shelley's albums came in
  • Jam. Party like it's 1999. Get down with my bad self. I want to have a party where we just jam and have a blast with records and adult beverages....let's see....what kind of holiday is coming up that would be an excuse to throw such a party?? hmm...

So. There. That's the mini update.

I may be hitting the thriftstore at lunch, so expect some fun and whacky comedy gold in the next day or so.

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