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I will say right now that I don’t have the Seinfeld gene. He always seemed like a whiny twit to me when I would see his comedy routines on Comedy Central or HBO. I laughed no more or no less than any other comedian I saw.


I have watched maybe 3 entire episodes of the show (and many more bits and pieces whilst flipping to other destinations on the dial). I was misfortunate enough to watch the final episode and what a piece of shit way to end a series.


I also saw one where George’s fiancée died from licking the glue on the cheap wedding invitation envelopes (was that also on the finale??). And that’s funny how?


I clearly don’t get it.


It is one clique of office vernacular that I will immediately exclude myself from. Talks are going around about Festivus.  And when someone tried to explain it to me (I guess my deer in headlight stare was an indication that I had no idea what they meant), they said “you know-Seinfeld.”


No. I don’t know Seinfeld. I have nothing against the show. There were moments that made me laugh (again as I was flipping through), but I was not religious about watching it. At the time I was more consumed with Mad About You than Seinfeld. To me, Paul Reiser was more identifiable than Jerry Seinfeld (and I enjoyed his books more). He was more like a person I’d want to hang out with. And they had a dog.  And Helen Hunt.  No, I know just enough Seinfeld to tread water for a few minutes in a conversation. I know Conversational Seinfeld, if you will.


This is in no way a cut on my friends who do like Seinfeld. Merely an attempt to explain why I simply don’t get it.  Don’t feel bad, though, there are several pop-culture phenomenons that I just don’t get. Including:

  • Sex and the City
  • Seinfeld
  • ANY US show that’s a remake of a much better British version of the same show.
  • TRL
  • RealWorld (after the one with Puck, I just stopped giving a shit)
  • The O.C.
  • Survivor (lost interest a couple seasons ago)
  • Arrested Development (but to be fair, I’ve never seen an episode, so I’m not sure it should be on the list)
  • ANY fashion show (with the exception of the Victoria Secret Show, and What Not To Wear (the British version))


And that’s about all I have to say on that.


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