Dad/Step Dad of the Year

Well...the contest at work ended today at 5:00PM. And with 9 referrals, yours truly was declared the winner. Which meant that going home with me today was an XBox 360 (core system).

Needless to say the kids were jazzed (I called Jen at her mom's to tell her). Dude....it's amazing. Yeah, there's a buttload of hype. But from the two games I've played so far...it's well deserved. Of course I'm only saying that because I didn't have to pay for it (no way would I spend $350 on a new game system, I've NEVER bought a new game system).

We swung by Giant Eagle after the boy's B-Ball practice and rented P.J.'s King Kong and Need For Speed:Most Wanted. Holy crap. I havent' seen the movie, but it felt like I was in it. And the racing game nearly made me hurl it was so realistic. If it had a first person view, I'd be spewing right now.

Since it's the core system, there is no memory card or hard drive, so it's limited as far as what we can save. But a guy at work said he'd sell me his extra (unused) harddrive, so that's cool. Until then, no saved games...but other than that, no biggie. And hey, it was free. So that's cool!

Alright I need to head to bed now. If I stay up too long, I fear I'll get sucked in to 360 world again.

Nitey Night.

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