With Apologies to Leonard

Man...I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for Fuddruckers to go redneck. And they finally have. Noting says "Kiss yer cousin, Bubba" quite like Buckets of Beer. Although to be truly authentic, they should have said Buckets O'Beer.

No buckets were ordered, but the burger was tasty.

Came home and finished cleaning out my side of the garage (now I can pull my car back in-a feat that seems not too big of a deal in 60 degree days, but is a blessing on 16 degree mornings).

I also finished placing everything in the (again) redesigned studio. (cue choirs of angels)..And now I present to you....

TwistedZen Productions 2006:

On the table you can't see (to the right of the desk) are the Sony turntable, the Yamaha 4 track (which may get a new home soon) and the 2 Casios from Christi.

To celebrate the opening of the studio I decided to record something that should have the Jazz Police beating down my door any minute.

I used the Roland EM-10, Alesis SR-16, Alesis io|2, Alesis Nanoverb and Adobe Audition to give you Jazz Puke.

No need to thank me. You're welcome.

And now I've got to go.
Someone's at the door.


Kim said...

May I suggest that you have Nance read some angst-ridden Beat poetry over your little tune?

Todd S. said...

Oooooh. Good thought.
Now...I wonder if I have any of that angst-y shite lying around anywhere :-)

Darrin said...

*'clapping' by snapping my fingers*

Todd S. said...

Darrin said...

*'clapping' by snapping my fingers*

1:17 PM

I'd thank you, but I think it's against the beat poet code...or something like that.

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