Happy Smappy Update

Things are going really well. I kind of fell off the excercise boat a bit, but got back on last night with a 15minute bike ride (I was actually missing not riding...weird). Been doing pretty well sticking to the Lean Cuisines for lunch. I haven't eaten any food from McDonald's for 30 days. And I have to say, I'm past the point of missing it now. The first week I could have easily eaten a double quarter pounder with cheese. But now as I write this, the thought of that just kind of makes my stomach turn, just a little. I'm not trying to take anything away from fast food places and it's not meant as an attack. I just know at this point in my life, it's not in my best interest to eat that kind of over-processed food right now. I'm starting to shy away from anything that's over-produced (food, music or movie-wise).

Speaking of movies. Yes, the new camera rocks. No, I don't really have any final products done with it yet. I took some footage of Tommy's B-Ball game last Saturday and did a quick and dirty burn to DVD (no edits) to see what it would look like on the TV. And all I can say is damn. No, seriously. It's awesome. Last time I filmed his B-Ball stuff, there was a lot of noise on the video. Mostly because the lighting in the room really kind of sucked. It also played havoc with the auto-focus on the Canon. None of that was present with the Panasonic. It was like I was watching a movie, or TV Show or something. In short, it rocked.

I also found plans to make a "real" crane for around $100 over at the Panasonic 3CCD User site. It looks pretty cool and I'm guessing that Jay or Todd could help out (I think Jay's got every tool known to man and he also has a robot in his garage). I think that will be one of my summer projects.

The Plane4Sale site seems to be doing well. Jean mentioned that they already had a few interested buyers that wanted to see the plane (and they dug the site). So, that's cool! Hopefully they'll be able to sell it soon.

Work is going well. We kicked ass on closing open support issues yesterday (if you're reading this Chumil, I think you'll be pleased). And also thanks to work, we have an Xbox360 at Casa de Todd. Don't have any games for it yet (except for the game that comes on the harddrive that I got from another guy at work), but we've been renting games from Iggle, so that's been going well. Took back some dusty dvd's last weekend and got a second controller and a 64MB memory card. And, after about 3 hours of trying over the last two nights, I came to the conclusion that my wireless router just isn't up to snuff as far as any of the XBox Live stuff goes. So...whenever there's a spare $50 lying around (yeah, right), I may just grab a new one and get online to see what all the fuss is about. My hope is that there will be some other free Arcade games (like Hexic, which came on the harddrive), so we'll still be able to play the thing even when we don't have games. I also hooked it up to the laptop last night and played music through it. It was pretty cool. It made playlists and everything. I still haven't hooked up the iPod yet (it seems so naughty somehow), but I'm anxious to do so. I think it was very smart of Microsoft to acknowledge that a large portion of their marketbase probably had an iPod (or similar device). And yes...I'm a convert. I would never have spent the money on this to buy one myself (because if I did, I'd have close to $600 into without actually owning a game), but it is a very sweet system. They pretty much got it right. I don't know how it's going to square off against the PS3, but from everything I've read, the only thing the PS3 really has going for it is market share...more people probably have playstations or ps2's and will therefore stick with Sony.

And that's pretty much where my life is at right now. Things are going well. I'm trucking along and I've got about 6 short film ideas floating in my head that I'm driving toward completion, so there should be some good things coming from the TwistedZen studios this spring.

So how things been with you?


~ruthie said...

I've been reading, just not commenting. Things are well. Glad things are going good for you! :)

Todd S. said...

It's all good. :-)
Comments are nice, but I'd still post the stuff anyway. It's cheaper than therapy.

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