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Who Says No Keyboards in Metal?? Poppycock.

I walked around today with pretty much perpetual wood. My box of goodies came today from B.H. Photo (in NYC). New camera, bag, tripod, tripod bag and extra battery. I had them shipped to work (a) because I'm impatient and (b)I didn't want it sitting on the porch all day (a good move considering this afternoon's raining/flurrying) and (c)because I'm impatient.

But...(and I really meant to remind myself of this), I forgot to take a tape in to work today (and I didn't order one). Yeah, stupid.

Work went well today. We got taken out to lunch as a department because we hit our January goals. And at the risk of regurgitation, I won $10 in a bet (the details of which don't need to be reiterated here, suffice to say I've hung up my "eats the most of anyone" title at work). This also ensured that I was fairly useless this afternoon.

A quick stop to the Amvets drop box on the way home and a less quick stop to the toilet after getting home and I started in with the new camera. Did I mention it was a LOT smaller than I thought it would be? No? Well it is.

For's some shots of the new camera side by side with the old one. And, I've got to tell you that I considered the Canon to be relatively small. Now its the bohemoth.


Here they are side by side. New one is on the left, old one on the right.

Keep in mind the lens on the new one is BIGGER and the tapes that they both take are the same size.

A little head on action with LCDs open. Interesting note, the actual viewing area of both LCDs is roughly the same size.

A little plop down from the top down:

And face to face (the face to face the face) the new one's shorter too!

So. Yeah. The new camera is smaller, sweeter, cooler and sexier. And it only cost $100 more than the old one (or $100 more than what I paid for the old one when I got it).

But Todd-how does it film?

So glad you asked.

Here's a couple test shots I did with each. The lighting is WAY less than ideal (and I think the mic is off on the Canon). Both cameras were in "Dumb Auto" mode.

Canon Test (1CCD) (13MB) (right click "Save Target As" to download)

Panasonic Test (3CCD) (29MB) (right click "Save Target As" to download)

The autofocus on both seem to waver at the same spot...and yes, there is graininess on both...but there is definitely a clear winner. And I'm so glad I got it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go school the boy at Need for Speed: Most Wanted.


Darrin said…
What codec to i need for da movies? Media Player 9 doesn't seem to be able to find it. :(

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