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Special Dispensation

OK. I'm only going to discuss this one time. After this post, I will discuss it no more (unless you bring it up). First off, I want to clearly point out that Han Shot First. Period.  Anakin Skywalker's ghost at the end of Return of the Jedi should NEVER have been Hayden Christiansen. And Boba Fett's voice should not have been re-dubbed. Period. Those are my 3 biggest pet peeves with how George Lucas decided to handle the Special Edition and DVD releases of StarWars Eps 4, 5, and 6.  All of the other stuff (enhanced scenes blah blah) doesn't really bother me all that much. But the three things listed above really just cheese me off. Every time. And will continue to cheese me off. Every time. Period. In a nutshell, here's why. The first point. Han Shot First. He's a space pirate/smuggler who carries a gun on his hip. He's a bad-ass. Anyone who pals around with a wookie is a bad-ass. Period. He's got some cheese head greenie in his face about to…

The Battle of Yavin

Greetings fellow thrifters. If you've been keeping score, you will know that it's 1/2 price Wednesday at the Ohio Thrift Store.

And did we score?

Oh yes. Yes we did.
If you've read this blog before, you know I normally hit the toys first, then the t-shirts, then everything else.

Today since it was 1/2 price on all clothes, I deviated slightly and went straight to the clothes (there were some big dudes there and I didn't want to have to Indian wrestle them for the only pair of 46/30 jeans in the whole store).

On the way to the clothes I noticed this.
What genius put this on the shelf?? Who in the hell wants a snowman with no head??

And now a little foray into some of the clothes (yes, this post is slightly out of order. Events did take place sometime between 7:15PM and 8:49PM...after that, it's pretty much a blur).

My mom goes to Vegas a few times a year and I'm pretty sure not even she would be caught dead in this shirt. Nonetheless I have no doubt that it was upwards …

It's Snot Me

we know of an ancient radiation.
that haunts dismembered constellations,
a faintly glimmering radio station.
while frank sinatra sings stormy weather,
the flies and spiders get along together,
cobwebs fall on an old skipping record.

"Frank Sinatra," Cake. would seem the runaway mucous production has started again. I think that will have to be one of my production companies, Runaway Mucous Productions--maybe for the cheesy horror/sci-fi movies that will inevitably get made by me :-)

I finished the video for Tommy's basketball season last night (and stayed up way too late burning copies for eveyone on the team and the other 8 people that we know will want a copy).

In other news, I started the Microsoft 70-290 course-quite possibly the hardest of all Microsoft courses on my way to the MCSA that I'm trying to get. Work's paying for it, so that's cool. But it looks like it could be tough. I haven't been in a education mode (like real classes) for about 8 years…


OK. I'm only going to ask this once (and I don't really expect an answer)...

WTF happened to Henry Rollins?
I'm flipping through during commercial breaks of Elaine's new show and her breast wishes dress and I hit IFC. Which I used to think stood for Independent Film Channel. Now I'm pretty sure it means "I'm friggin' cryin'"

Why you ask?

Black Flag
Rollins Band

Bad A$$ mofo. I used to have nightmares that he would kick down my door and tell me what a puss poser I was.

But not anymore. That dream went the way of the shadow people.

There was Mr. Anti-establishment himself....talking about Impalas, Gazelles, and nature documentaries. And making noises. Like he was talking to an elementary school auditorium.

Seriously. What the hell?

I had to go back to mindless network drivel when he started his next bit (as in bit of bad comedy) with a story about the squirrels he's been watching in his backyard.

Shit just ain't right.

A Tribute to Limozeen may recall that I recently got my very first P.O.S. Electric Guitar back. And you may also recall the folly with the "amp" from Freecycle.

And now, dear readers, I will let you in on the dramatic conclusion to those harrowing tales.

From Bob at work I recently got a Vox Pathfinder 15amp which looks a little (exactly) like this:
I have to say, the amp freakin' rocks. It's got built in tremelo, and this killer overdrive feature which makes the thing sound crunchy as all get out.

So tonight, I decided to try it all out. The amp, the POS Guitar, the FAB distortion pedal (purchased the day of the Sam Ash incident), the Alesis drum machine and the Alesis io2.

The results are just...well, funny.

I give you the theme song to the soon to be hit WB-Series, "My 'Tard Husband." I call it "shortbus." Take a listen here. It's about 3MB in size and 4:14 of unbearable cheese (and the guitars get markedly louder at about the minute mark-you've been …

March Madness Comedy Gold

I don't get into March Madness. To me the betting pools are little more than a huge lottery for a sport that I have only a cursory interest in (fantasy baseball leagues are the only thing more baffling to me than MMNCAA brackets).

And yet..I was pleased to see as I was channel surfing today, a bit of unexpected humor in the whole "race to the final four" b.s.

Yes, folks, apparently Variety isn't enough anymore. Some seem to feel the need to advertise during national sporting events. Brad Pitt could not be reached for comment, but his publicists told us that while they didn't actually plan for this to happen, "it's 2 hours of free publicity for Mr. Pitt. "

For a Few Dollars More

So I'm on this Z-Pack antibiotic thing...and it seems to be working. Only I'm now seriously considering tracking down some of that mucinex stuff...because damn. My nose has not stopped running for 5 days. I don't know if it's a side effect or what, but it's really annoying. The other sucky part is, blowing my nose hurts my ears...which is why I'm on the daggone meds to begin with-double ear infection. Ah well, lemme just grab a kleenex and get to typing.

First off, A happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. It's the one day a year when we all get to pretend we're full-Irish and that green beer doesn't make us want to vomit.

OK, now that that's out of the way. Let's get down to it.

The Thrift.

It has been a hella long time since the missus and I have had the Dinner/Thrift Run and tonight we felt like we were due. I could sense the ozone-esque smell of comedy gold in the air. And I was not disappointed (I hope you all can say the same after reading…