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Wow...what a wild couple weeks it's been. Has it really been a couple weeks since the last post? Or days? Or what? I have no concept of time/days/weeks/months at the moment.

I had planned on going to the thrift store tonight, camera in hand, but shtuff happens and suffice to say I never made it over there (although I did get some tasty Monterey Jack Fajitas from On the Border--there are no pictures, however).

So...Nancy's play opened last Saturday. And I must say---it (and she) rocked most righteously.
If you're in Columbus, there's a great review in The Other Paper (it's referenced on the website under the only in print section). They loved the performance and mentioned Nancy specifically (which was very cool!).

I took the kids to see it Sunday, and I have to say I was blown away. It's an amazing play (one that I'd never actually seen before). And I'm watching it...and up there is this woman. This amazing woman. She's great in the role...and when she sings, I see the face of God. And I realize--I'm married to her. This woman is not Tevye's wife. She's mine. I know for a fact that after 25 years I will not have to ask if she loves me (nor if I love her). She has me speechless now...in awe of her talent, passion and beauty. And a love for her that I cannot even put into words lest it be tarnished by their inadequacy. Do I love her? Yes, I suppose I do. And the thing that makes my life better than it has ever been? Simple. It's the fact that she loves me too. I don't care what anyone says...that fact alone is enough to sustain me to hell and back.

Did I mention the play? It was pretty good, too.

Sunday evening was spent frantically trying to get things ready for my O'dark:thirty flight out of Columbus to Florida by way of Atlanta for the 8th Annual User Conference that my company puts on (this is actually the first year I've gone even though I've been with the company since the first one). I got to meet many of the customers that until Monday were only a voice on the other end of the phone. It was very surreal. Scott (the other support rep) and I were treated like rock stars (moreso than when I actually attempted to be a rockstar). The 3 days down there were all so very surreal. But by far one of the strangest things occurred at the local Mardi Gras parade. 2 older gents (the median age of parade goers was probably 65--believe me, no one wanted anyone "working" to get beads, if you know what I mean)...so these 2 old guys were right up at the rope watching the floats (decorated golf carts) go by, with people on them tossing beads out. And the one tries to get the attention of the security guard...and about 2 minutes later. There's a fight. 2 old dudes duking it out for some $.50 plastic beads. These guys probably own one of the (cheaper) $200,000 condos down there...and they're acting like teen idiots in heat over a stupid plastic necklace (of which I got a TON :-)

So that was funny. Almost as funny as the 75 year old guy (I'm guessing, but he looked older than the pugilists, so it's probably pretty close) trying to steal the beads off of a golf cart..er float at the end of the parade route.

I have both incidents on video. Both are quite humorous and may eventually make their way on to the site.

Flew back in to Columbus Wedsnesday evening. It was 70 when I left Florida....42 when I landed in Columbus. Ech.

Yesterday was spent in a fog at work (and working most of the day from home-but that's a story for another time). Today was more back to normal, but I find myself dragging a bit. Sleep is definitely on the agenda for the weekend.

As is backing up the iPod (which is again showing late signs of dementia--f***ing technology), doing laundry(which is threatening to overtake the bad carpet in the bedroom), tidying up the house (see note above about laundry), and at some point making changes to Mike and Jeans website and ripping a cassette to CD for my mom.

And so now I will hit the sack. I'll check back tomorrow to see if there's anything I missed in this post, but I think I got the biggies (I love my wife, Fiddler rocked, and User Conference whipped my ass-but I had a blast)...yep. That should about do it.


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