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March Madness Comedy Gold

I don't get into March Madness. To me the betting pools are little more than a huge lottery for a sport that I have only a cursory interest in (fantasy baseball leagues are the only thing more baffling to me than MMNCAA brackets).

And yet..I was pleased to see as I was channel surfing today, a bit of unexpected humor in the whole "race to the final four" b.s.
Brad Pitt Plays B-Ball??
Yes, folks, apparently Variety isn't enough anymore. Some seem to feel the need to advertise during national sporting events. Brad Pitt could not be reached for comment, but his publicists told us that while they didn't actually plan for this to happen, "it's 2 hours of free publicity for Mr. Pitt. "


Kim said…

That shit just writes itself, doesn't it?
Todd S. said…
Most of the time. Thankfully. Because, really, I'm not that funny. :-)
Michelle said…
Brian watched most of that game without even noticing that it said that. I walked in and noticed in about two seconds. Then again, I am a girl and it is Brad Pitt :)
Todd S. said…
I guess I was girl-y in the sense that I didn't really know (or care) who was playing but focused right away on the Pitt. For his acting abilities, of course.

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