Not much bigger than womprats

So, you wanna hear something funny? I envision throngs of readers coming here every day wanting to know what's going on in my life....what movie I'm making....what the Sundance Acceptance Committee actually said to me and what latest bit of Bizarro Americana will I find at the thrift store. Ain't delusions grand?

No, don't ruin the illusion for me. It'll only throw me deeper in to the DayQuil haze.

Today started off somewhat askew. I got up late and just felt 'off.' By the time I was heading to work I could tell that something was about to hit my immune system and try to indian wrestle it leaving a nasty rug burn in its wake.

I stopped on the way to work and got some DayQuil and promptly began that regimen. By early afternoon, it was clear-I felt like microwaved poo. I left work at 4 with the intent to get a quick nap in before taking Tommy choir.

Sidebar: Carrying the on-call phone for support really just blows when you're sick and all you want to do is sleep.

OK...where was I? Oh....feeling crummy.

Still there (sorry, I should have mentioned early on that this was going to be mostly inane ramblings about me and none of the comedy gold you've come to expect from this fine blog).

Hehe--real time funny moment. On CSI tonight Gil just mentioned to a reporter trying to film him that there was "already too many forensic shows on TV." I love that show.

Speaking of loving shows, I'll throw a couple lists your way before retiring into 'slug' pose.

(and by "top" I mean the ones I make it a point to watch)

1. How I Met Your Mother
2. Two and a Half Men
3. Love Monkey
4.CSI:Criime Scene Investigation
6.Miami Vice (back off-it's on Sleuth TV)
7.Criminal Minds
8.Avatar:The Last Airbender
9.Daily Show
10.Chapelle Show

hehe...I'm still laughing at the CSI episode. They just said "such and such a test will take 6 hours. The show's only an hour" "Yes, but when they edit it, it will only take 30 seconds." And what's funny about that---that's how long it took on the episode. Cool. It's almost a tongue-in-cheek look at the show. Like they're busting on themselves...making fun of the 'fake forensics show' on a forensic show...and cracking on all the critiques that people pour on them (the biggest one being...."that test takes a hell of a lot longer than 15 seconds in real life").

Right,then. Back to the list.

(and by "top" I mean the ones I make it a point to watch)
1. Project Runway
2. American Idol (don't you dare judge me)
3. Inside the Actor's Studio (not sure where you put an interview show)
4. America's Next Top Model
5. Celebrity Fit Club
7. Animal Cops

OK...so I only really have 7. What's sad is, I can name more "reality" shows than I can scripted dramas/comedies.

I thought TV was suppose to let people escape reality. But that's a rant for another time.
For now, I'll finish off my 12oz. bottle of CocaCola Zero, finish watching CSI and have a little shot of NyQuil before going to bed.

I can't say when I'll be hitting the thrift store again. Probably some time next week, though.

Night all.


Anonymous said...

I was reading your blog and noticed you mentioned you liked Criminal Minds. I run a small fansite for the show, www.criminalmindstv.com and was hoping I could
get a link from your blog somewhere to my site. I would be incredibly grateful.

I'd love to hear back if you get the time (contact@criminalmindstv.com)



~ruthie said...

well, i'm only one person, not millions, but i have this hugely voyeuristic tendency to read about other peoples lives. and I read about yours.

i don't really do tv that much, but i do make it a point to watch Crossing Jordan, Top Model, Amazing Race, and NCIS. Otherwise, i watch ALOT of style network fluff.

I don't judge. :) Hope you feel better--everyone in my office is passing around the insidious germs of death--i'm hoping my flue shot proves strong enough to protect me from them .

Darrin said...

I'm surprised you don't watch My Name Is Earl and The Office. I like Earl more than The Office, but Steve Carrell cracks me up.

And regarding you only having 7 reality shows, doesn't Animal Cops have like 3 different cities? That would probably being you up to ten, or at least 9. Or am I thinking of another animal cop show on Animal Planet?

Sorry you feel like a bucket of warm hamster vomit. Get better soon buddy!


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