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Sunday Observations

I think I need to get a new hose for my CPAP...I'm having some major gas in the mornings. But that's not really why I'm writing.

Today was a good day.

I got up...had some crunchy cereal and started mowing. Went through the front pretty quickly. The back was more of a mine field...poop...debris. The usual stuff.

Also picked up a boundary mic....and some 100 cal snack packs from Big Lots (24 packs for $4-that's practically 1/2 price).

And then it was time for some grillin' :-)

Chillin' on the deck. Cold beer in hand. Venison and corn roasting on the grill. It was good stuff. Perfect way to cap off the weekend. top it all of this weekend, there was a Miami Vice Marathon on TVLand. Kickass!

All in all a great weekend!!

DM to the Rescue

People are people so why should it be that you and I should get along so awfully?

It's a fair question, I suppose.
I don't know any illegal immigrants personally. Which is probably what makes it easier for me to think that they are causing all these problems with my "way of life."

But are they?

What are the major problems in my life right now (and are they really that major...really?)?
High gas prices (because I drive 12 miles round trip to work every day...and I hate spending $30, every 2 weeks to fill up). A backyard that needs serious landscaping (attributed to my own laziness last fall). Not being where I want to be in my filmmaking career (attributed to just slacking).Owing money to the gubbment (I love tax season) far as I can tell, none of these problems can be attributed to illegal immigration. So how do I really feel about it and why?

F*** if I know.

To be honest, I really don't have much of an opinion on it. There is no direct impact from th…


I am the most retarded guitar player ever.

As you may or may not know (or care) I recently got my very first electric guitar back. It's a Sam As(s)h Stratocaster knockoff. I paid something like $90 for it like 8 years ago or something like that.

And I always kind of hated it. Well, that's not entirely true. I thought it was freakin' awesome for the first month or so that I had it. Until Vic saw it. And told me about the tremelo systems on cheap guitars (and that's why my strings were breaking so easily). So...that was the end of my love for 'Ole Blue. After that a bunch of little shit just started bugging me about it. The fret buzz...the way the strings were WAY high off the frets near the bridge and practically touching the frets at the nut.

If you've ever seen a Stratocaster (you probably have), it has these things at the bridge move up or back and are controlled by a screw. I just thought they were cool or had something to do with the cheap tremelo system. Litt…

Jen Takes on A-Ha

*Original Rant about "United93" removed to give more props to my daughter and the kick ass job she did on her first recording (this year).*

In other news tonight...Jenyfer came over to record a track. At first I thought it was going to be an original, but it turns out she wanted to record "Take On Me." I think it came out pretty well. She played all of the instruments (short of the drum machine). We would up doing 4 tracks of guitar and 5 tracks of keyboards (the keys didn't make it to the final mix, but I'm seriously thinking of remixing it again and making them work, too). So, here it is, without further ado.

Jen's cover of Take On Me

Speaking of Keys...I'd like to give props to Sony for using the Keys-O in their latest commercial for their digital camera. If you ever wondered what my main instrument of choice was in the first iteration of Devilcake...just check out that commercial and you'll see it. It would be even cooler if she were…

The Thrift End of the Ocean

Well, loyal reader(s) here's the moment you've been waiting for.
(dramatic pause)

Oh yeah. It's time for the THRIFT STORE REPORT.

Before I get too far into it, I have to tell you something funny that happened. Have you ever been in a store and someone thought you worked there, so they started asking you questions? This was kind of like that.

I was back by the computer stuff (surprise surprise) and some guy comes up to me.
"'Scuse me, do you know anything about computers, man?"

And this is what I was looking like (I came straight from work):

In case you can't tell, there's a camera on my hip....AND a crackberry-esque Phone/PDA thing (I'm on call this week). And I had a cell phone in my back pocket (which I'm hoping the dude couldn't see).
So...what is this? Geek-profiling? Why me? OK, I know a little about computers. He was just asking about whether an HP monitor would go with a Compaq desktop. I didn't have the inclination to tell the …

From the WTF Department

I apologize in advance for the randomness of this post. I'm kind of all over the place on this one emotionally and all that.

So...first off, I want to say...look for a new thriftstore post tomorrow.

Secondly...I'd like to say that I'm thinking of getting in to the Sticker business. Here's my sticker. Want one?

I plan on making some or finding someone to make some. More for gag gifts for my friends.
But I got so sick of seeing the W'04 ones. And who knows..maybe someone already has one of these.

*UPDATE*...Looks like they're already selling these over at CafePress. Oh well. to the downer side of things (back away now, if you want).

A teen at church last weekend killed himself (at least that's the preliminary ruling) at a church retreat. He was 18, involved in the contemporary worship band, had been accepted to college...was well liked and involved in many church groups.

So...what the hell? Suicide? I guess some part of me is more comfortable in thinkin…

Well, Heck

I don't agree with the President on a lot of things. At least I'm assuming I don't. In truth, for 6 years now it's hard to tell what the hell the prez is thinking.

And I'm OK with that. Part of the great thing about this country is that it's my choice to think that Bush is dropping the ball on a lot of things.

And then he goes and does this.

He goes head to head with the RIAA (who happen to be the one group I despise more than lobbyists).

Thanks, Gizmodo for giving me something that I can agree on with the president. Thanks a freakin' lot. I don't care-I'm still not a Bush fan. But at least now, with him in the ring, hopefully something will be done to stop the RIAA's foolish tirade on online music/files.

Maybe this second term won't be a total wash after all.

Holy Scalding Hydro-Flow Batman!

So...we moved in to our new (to us) house last July. And one thing that's always been troublesome is the fact that when you turn on the hot water, if you're not just a few seconds, it's scalding. No, seriously. I can make the instant oatmeal with just the hot water coming out of the tap

This made the shower situation awkward, too. It took a fine, precise touch to gently tap the thing in place to get the water that was hot enough to not shrivel anything but not too hot to burn off flesh.

Tonight in an unprecedented fit of handyman aplomb, I decided to investigate. I had been inside a hot water tank before (ok, witnessed someone change the temperature on one at my friends house) and it required a screwdriver, a flashlight, a fair amount of cursing, and another screwdriver (of the beverage variety). Fortunately for me, our was not that difficult (although I could use a tastey beverage right about now). There was a box on the outside with a knob. The box said Energy…


The thrift store jaunt was not meant to be last night. I wound up staying here working on MCSA stuff until about 9. This stuff's gonna kick my ass if I'm not careful. I mean, I know it's for certification and all that, but damn. It's quite a bit more involved than I thought. Well, actually that's not entirely true. It's pretty much AS involved as I thought it was going to be. But for some reason I thought it would flow a little better for me. I just need to buckle down and focus more. Oh...and uh, Friday is Hawaiian Shirt Day. So, feel free to where your hawaiian shirts with uh jeans if you want to. Also, next Wedsnesday is 1/2 price day at the thrift store. So...I'm anticipating the mother of all thrift posts (because I'm just crazy enough to go at lunch AND dinner times) :-)

F*** This

Here's the thing. I'm sick of these bullshit immigration protests.

I've started this post three times already and there just isn't any good way to articulate it without coming off as a racist pig. And maybe I am.

If it means that I want what's best for me and my family and what's best for America in general, then I guess I am.

But here's the difference. I don't blame the immigrants. If I was in some shitty dire circumstance, or I knew where I could go to feed my family. I'd be there in heartbeat knee deep clown car style trying to cross the border somewhere

What I'm really sick of though is having to feel like I have to apologize for wanting what's best for me and my family.

And if you want to get right down to it....It's not just issues with illegal immigration. It's a lot of things. Most of them stemming from the fact that our government is letting us down. Has been for quite some time.

I am not a democrat and I am not a republican. I do…

Excision, Incision

1998 had to be a weird time for me. Did I know in the back of my head that things were coming to an end with L-? Probably.

So, I've been going through all these cassette tapes, some 4-track, some 2. Some decent. Some shite. I'm finding out a few things about myself along the way that I don't think I realized it at the time.

First thing...I'm in no position to critique my works for at least 3 years after I've completed it. I can remember some of these recordings and just flat out giving myself holy hell because I couldn't make it sound on tape like what I was hearing in my head. But 3 or 4 (or 7 or 8) years later, it's not so bad. I can listen to them and realize that yes-I may not be technically proficient at vocals, guitar or keys...but there was something there. Some little nibblet of what I was trying to expel to the universe at large.

Like this song. It's a demo I stumbled upon (meaning I didn't do anything but bare minimum guitars and vocals). It…

More o' Todd's Musical History...

OK. So I know I haven't been to the thrift store lately and I know it's bugging some of you (including me). But fear not, I've found comedy gold somewhere else today.

Oh, and speaking of today, Happy Easter. Jesus is back, hide the eggs!

But no...I've been going through my old audio tapes and trying to see if there's anything worth archiving off of them and ripping to MP3. For the most part, the answer's a big fat no.

Then tonight something really weird happened. I came across a song that I have absolutely no recollection of. It's not dated, so I don't know when I recorded it. And the tape wasn't labeled, so I'm even guessing at the name of the song. At first I thought it might have been 2nd Floor stuff, but I quickly ruled that out because (A)the singing's not that great (so it's not Darrin), and (B)it's the only song on the tape (which is almost unheard of in 2ndFloor-land). So, it's me I guess. I suppose I could track down the ly…

Bands That Never Got Out of the Basement (Part 2 In An Ongoing Series)

Mocking Karma (formed sometime in 2000, abandoned sometime in 2001)

Originally conceived in a drunken haze at one of the BuddhaJams as a power-rock trio (think Rush, only less Canadian), MK's original members were Bill, me, and Darrin. A few people floated in and out (Lisa, Heather, Vic, Ian) in the year that it lived.

Bill was pretty darn good at crafting weird guitar shite to go around my lyrics (with the exception of JAFO, where he filled in and noodled with expert aplomb).

Mocking Karma was one of only a few bands where I felt like I could just let go and not really worry about what I sounded like (the others being the original Devilcake (back in the 90's), the buddhajams, and 2nd Floor). I just went all out with no real regard as to whether or not it sounded good or sounded like clrap (it usually wound up sounding good for the most part). It's an interesting lesson-just do it and have fun. Everything else usually falls into place. If you have fun with it, the extra time…

Multilingual Madness/Locura Multilingüe/Folie Multilingue

So, due to a series of unfortunate events (the main one being that I didn't bother checking the underwear drawer last night), I wound up going commando this morning.

For a bit.

It's been about 10 years and I didn't want my re-introduction to the freeballin' to be a day when I had to work (let alone a day I was wearing jeans), so I made a pit stop to my local Kroger store for some undies (yeah, I didn't know they sold underewear either).

And that's when I saw them. The brilliantly white Fruit of the Looms. Ye Olde Tighty Whities. And there were 3 descriptions of what was in the package. Along with a little drawing of a pair of briefs. .

Now here's the thing. I know that companies are trying to accomodate the influx of immigrants (legal or not) to this country (although one of the languages was French, and I don't see to many Canadians trying to slip across the border), but c'mon. It's getting ridiculous. First of all, if you don't know what's…
So...all said and done there were probably 50-60 hours put into the video for Tommy's Basketball team from start to finish. All on my dime. I didn't think there would be a video this year (and I was disappointed in past years. There are so many teams that there's really never enough of your kid in the video). So I took matters in to my own hands and made the video for The Earthquake (Tommy's team). I sent them out a couple weeks back and hadn't heard really from anyone on the team how they like them. I mean, I'm happy with how they came out and I'm proud of the video, but feedback is always nice (and for me, instant feedback is better :-)

And then I got this in the mail today:

As for the time in making the video? It was totally worth it.

Customer Service is Not Dead boss sends me to Chipotle to pick up lunch for the training class. I had called ahead to make sure it was OK to use his card.

Got there. It was $46.50. And I whipped out the boss's Discover card with a gleam of "I'm so cool"....and the dude was like..."um...we don't take Discover."

This could have turned real ugly.

But the manager came over...(he was the one I talked to on the phone)...and said..."what's your company do?" Software I replied. He said "Tell your boss I need a new computer." And he comp'd and sent me on my way.


Free food is awesome. Getting free food in such a scenario is awesomer!


Found out some unsettling news about my parent's business/company. There's legal action pending so I won't really go in to any detail on it. Suffice to say, it's f***ed up. And it also serves to illustrate to me how small and self-serving some people can actually be. It's strange to me. For my whole life, my parents have been there for me to lean on. When I failed algebra in 7th grade, when I shoplifted a pair batteries the day after my 16th birthday and got busted by store security....when I joined a fraternity my freshman year...when I nearly flunked out of college my freshman year (yes, there was a correlation there, hence the reason I was NOT in a fraternity my second semester of college)...when I dropped out of school to get married....when my daughter was born...when I had open heart surgery...when I got divorced...when I got remarried...when we got a house. They've always been there. Supporting me. Silently letting me steer my own ship, with a…

Ribbon-y Goodness

Had my weekly weigh-in this morning. Down to 276. That's 10 down from when I started 2 weeks ago.

10lbs in 2 weeks. I'm pretty jazzed about that. It's fairly comparable to what I lost on Atkins without the crazy eat meat and only meat all the time (actually, I'm lower now than when I was doing Atkins). Don't get me wrong, I LOVED eating bacon all the time. It was the other bullshit I could do without (scraping toppings off of potatoes....I ask you, what the hell good is meat without potatoes???).

So, yeah, watching my "points" in the weight watcher fashion has really been working out. I'm finding that the weekends are my tough times. Which makes sense, really. I hadn't been eating my oatmeal for breakfast on the weekends, so that automatically throws the day off kilter. But I got some this weekend, so that should be good.

I figure that as long as I stay the course and continue the downward trend, that any loss will be good loss.…

My Brain Hasn't Hurt This Much in Years

I gotta say....I'm fried.

First the fun stuff.
I got the laptop from our cool friends in Cali. All they asked in exchange was that I put it to good use. I said I would (and I'm on it now). I also told them they'd definitely be getting some space on the credits of my next big movie. So, here we are, chlling, watching Hogan Knows Best and updating ye ole Blog.

And my brain is just pretty much on auto-pilot right now.
I'm taking this course for get my MCSA certification. And it's supposedly one of the toughest Microsoft courses out there right now. This week I've been working on User Accounts, Group Policies...all that shite. And I'm fried.

I logged in to class to work on some labs tonight, but I have a feeling I'm going to wind up re-doing them this week just for practice sake.

I haven't really been in study mode quite like this since college. I had to ramp up a bit for the I3 Boot Camp (telephony stuff), but this is just different. It's not t…

Jam On My Funk Soul Brother

What a roller coaster.
Life, I mean.

**DANGER**Self-absorbed introspection posting ahead.

I'm not going to waste any space on this blog talking about work. Work's what happens when I'm not busy living my dreams.

I was cleaning out the garage tonight (afterall I had to make room for my bike and my car :-) since I took the bike off of the wind trainer (because stupidly I thought it was actually warming up. Silly boy.)). I was doing that I came across a box labeled "Music Archives" (or something like that).
Inside were all of the video tapes from the Buddha Jams, the cassettes from Kid Chill, Napoleon's Sister, LTD, Mocking Karma, FIZZ, 2nd Floor, the Hoot-n-Annies. All there in one box of weird jacked up memories.

I thought I would feel some sort of angsty, "gee i want to do that again" kind of feeling when I started listening to the tapes.

And some of it I do want to do (or continue to do). And I figured out which part. The part where I play with oth…

Hmmm. A Moral Dilemna or No?

I'm wondering something. Just tell me straight up. How do you feel about sites/blogs that have the little sidebar of 'relative content' based ads?

Here's why I'm wondering.
You can make money from those things and it's free to sign up.

And sure, $25/month may not seem like much, but hey-that's a pizza or a few lean cuisine meals.

And it's Google. I like Google. I don't think they are the evil empire that some have made them out to be.

But I guess it's just one of those things that I might try for a while.

This site is the only one I can put it on (you can't put it on sites that have links to content that could be contrued as copyright violation-no links to media, mp3's that kind of thing).

So I figure what the hell.
If it starts to feel weird, I'll back it out and pretend it never happened. :-)

Since You Asked

I need to preface this by saying there are only a handful of vegetable that I truly like...carrots, potatoes, corn, green beans, peas (sometimes), onions. I can eat others...but there are some I will not eat under any circumstances (now, if it's that or starve, then I'm sure I could get over it, but I've never been in that situation so it's all speculation).

That being said...a lot of what's good for you to eat on Weight Watchers are certain kinds of veggies. There are even some "free" ones that you can mix with other foods so you have more to eat.

A friend of mine at work also doesn't like veggies (likes them even less than I do) started doing weight watchers along with his wife. His wife is actually doing the program (meetings, etc) and he was doing it to support her (he wasn't going to meetings, just keeping track of his 'points'). In 3 weeks time he lost 18lbs. That was pretty much all I needed.

My wife did it, met her lifetime goal and …


(pronounced 'yew soooooek')This weekend really kicked ass the way a weekend should. It was the type of weekend a red leather clad lead singer of loverboy would work for, so to speak.Friday night was cool. Darrin came over and we hit the Pizza Buffet. I had some flex points left that I took full advantage of. I ate less than I normally do and still felt like I ate too much.Oh...let me back up. Last Monday I started doing the Weight Watchers points system. I didn't officially join, I just keep track of my points using all the materials that Nancy got when she went through. I weighed in last Monday at 186. This Monday I weighed in at 180. So, it's definitely working. And it's pretty easy to do. A lot easier than I originally thought. There's a kick ass spreadsheet that I've been using to keep track of my points (if you want it, just lemme know).So, yeah. Pizza buffet, flex points. From there we hit Iggle and got Full Auto (drive, shoot) and NBA LIVE (drive to …