Bands That Never Got Out of the Basement (Part 2 In An Ongoing Series)

Mocking Karma (formed sometime in 2000, abandoned sometime in 2001)

Originally conceived in a drunken haze at one of the BuddhaJams as a power-rock trio (think Rush, only less Canadian), MK's original members were Bill, me, and Darrin. A few people floated in and out (Lisa, Heather, Vic, Ian) in the year that it lived.

Bill was pretty darn good at crafting weird guitar shite to go around my lyrics (with the exception of JAFO, where he filled in and noodled with expert aplomb).

Mocking Karma was one of only a few bands where I felt like I could just let go and not really worry about what I sounded like (the others being the original Devilcake (back in the 90's), the buddhajams, and 2nd Floor). I just went all out with no real regard as to whether or not it sounded good or sounded like clrap (it usually wound up sounding good for the most part). It's an interesting lesson-just do it and have fun. Everything else usually falls into place. If you have fun with it, the extra time to practice won't matter-it'll be worth it.

So...yeah. Why'd it die, you ask? Stupidity. Plain and simple. Someone in the band was convinced that someone else in the band was getting rather intimate with the same person. Not quite the Yoko syndrome...but nonetheless an illustration of how p**** can make you do stupid sh*t.

Do I miss jamming with MK? Sure. I mean, I don't lay awake at night strumming my guitar longing for the year 2000 again, but yeah, it was fun. There was no pressure. I enjoyed myself. I think Bill and Darrin did too. Could I pick it up tomorrow and start it all over? Probably not. Too much time has passed and I'm at a different place now. Music is really more of a secondary focus for me. The guitar and keys are something to noodle on while a video project is rendering. Not to mention Darrin's got a family on the way and I haven't spoken to Bill in 5 years. Someday, somewhere down the road, our paths may cross. Maybe for a 25 year reunion BuddhJam...who knows?

For now I leave you with a few tunes


They are from a recorder that was left in the room (so the quality is definitely lo-fi). All songs were a collective effort, so I can't take credit for anything but my 1/3rd. The rest of the props go to Darrin and Bill.

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