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F*** This

Here's the thing. I'm sick of these bullshit immigration protests.

I've started this post three times already and there just isn't any good way to articulate it without coming off as a racist pig. And maybe I am.

If it means that I want what's best for me and my family and what's best for America in general, then I guess I am.

But here's the difference. I don't blame the immigrants. If I was in some shitty dire circumstance, or I knew where I could go to feed my family. I'd be there in heartbeat knee deep clown car style trying to cross the border somewhere

What I'm really sick of though is having to feel like I have to apologize for wanting what's best for me and my family.

And if you want to get right down to it....It's not just issues with illegal immigration. It's a lot of things. Most of them stemming from the fact that our government is letting us down. Has been for quite some time.

I am not a democrat and I am not a republican. I don't vote along party lines. I am an American. It's about damn time that started to mean something again.

But it doesn't now does it? Being an American citizen is starting to mean less and less. Sure, it means that the world at large pretty much hates us. And yet, people still want to come here.

The problem is the government stopped being about the people a long time ago.

Now it's about big business.

The major problems with our government can be summed up in one word: Lobbyists.

If you don't know, lobbyists are people that work for big businesses and corporations and they basically try their damnedest to influence the policies and bills that get put before congress. And you know what? Usually they succeed. You think it's any coincidence that Dell gets a big fat tax break for shipping their tech support over to India? Or that Toyota gets incentives for factories built in Mexico?

You're not voting for political ideals anymore. You're voting for which companies you want to have the most influence on congress for the next 4 years.

Unfortunately there is only one solution I can think of...a Constitutional Convention.

Now, it's been a long time since high school Civics class, but if I remember correctly... it's damn near impossible thing to make happen. Because it requires people to give a damn. To swim against the status quo. To stop watching a television show about reality and really start living.

And that's just a lot of work, isn't it? I mean, phhhew. Who knew it was going to be like this? Having to work to bring about change? F**k that. Pass me the clicker.

So...enough of my pissing and moaning.

Here's where I stand. I'm a citizen of the greatest f**king country on the planet. And I won't feel shame for that. And I won't feel shame for wanting it to be better than it is. For wanting our government to start caring about the people again.

Afterall, it was a system of government that was founded on the main principle of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Not just the people with enough money to get elected.

But...what the heck do I know? I'm just an Average Joe...trying to be a Survivor. Trying to make ends meet in the Real World. I'm not trying to be America's Next Top Model and I'm certainly no American Idol. But it would be nice to have something be Unan1mous for a change and be able to tell Congress that it's a Deal or No Deal.

Mind passing the Nachos? Dawn of the Dead's about to start...

*OK. Tomorrow looks like the regular posts of thrift store oddities will come back. Glad you all stuck with me this far (assuming you did, that is).


~ruthie said…
great posting. i especially liked the reality tv insertions in the last paragraph. :) looking forward to thrifting posts, as always!

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