Hmmm. A Moral Dilemna or No?

I'm wondering something. Just tell me straight up. How do you feel about sites/blogs that have the little sidebar of 'relative content' based ads?

Here's why I'm wondering.
You can make money from those things and it's free to sign up.

And sure, $25/month may not seem like much, but hey-that's a pizza or a few lean cuisine meals.

And it's Google. I like Google. I don't think they are the evil empire that some have made them out to be.

But I guess it's just one of those things that I might try for a while.

This site is the only one I can put it on (you can't put it on sites that have links to content that could be contrued as copyright violation-no links to media, mp3's that kind of thing).

So I figure what the hell.
If it starts to feel weird, I'll back it out and pretend it never happened. :-)


Kim said...

Money's money. Free money's even better. Simple as that!

Darrin said...

I concur. It means you can take your bro out for pizza every now and then ;)... oh wait, you were talking about money for you. Well, screw that. I don't want that crud on here.

Ok. Twist my arm. If you must.


Todd S. said...

Hey I'm not opposed to buying the pizza!

Of course...there's an application process. I'm all agog with anticipation of whether or not Google thinks my little blog worthy of it's adSense. :-)

Kim said...

Have no fear, blogger-in-law. They take anyone, as long as you don't promote drugs or porn in your blog.

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