More o' Todd's Musical History...

OK. So I know I haven't been to the thrift store lately and I know it's bugging some of you (including me). But fear not, I've found comedy gold somewhere else today.

Oh, and speaking of today, Happy Easter. Jesus is back, hide the eggs!

But no...I've been going through my old audio tapes and trying to see if there's anything worth archiving off of them and ripping to MP3. For the most part, the answer's a big fat no.

Then tonight something really weird happened. I came across a song that I have absolutely no recollection of. It's not dated, so I don't know when I recorded it. And the tape wasn't labeled, so I'm even guessing at the name of the song. At first I thought it might have been 2nd Floor stuff, but I quickly ruled that out because (A)the singing's not that great (so it's not Darrin), and (B)it's the only song on the tape (which is almost unheard of in 2ndFloor-land). So, it's me I guess. I suppose I could track down the lyrics and try to date this thing, but I'd really rather not.

And now for your amusement (there are some very basic gaffs on this thing, so bear with me), I give you Swirling.

Now, lest you think I duped you, I'll take you back about 8 years to the very first song Darrin and I ever recorded. How do I know? Simple, the tape is labeled "Darrin/Todd-Untitled Darrin&Todd (UTD#1)" Later I renamed this "Autumn" without really running it by Darrin. Tonight I give it to you remastered. I actually like it better than the version that came out on subsequent 2nd Floor recordings. I dunno, it just sounds cleaner to me. Maybe it's because I'm better at using Cool Edit (still have a hard time calling it Adobe Audition).

Darrin/Todd-Untitled Darrin&Todd (UTD#1)

Hopefully that will help wash the taste of "Swirling"out of your brain.

And please come back soon...I promise I'll try to hit the thriftstore this week.


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