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My Brain Hasn't Hurt This Much in Years

I gotta say....I'm fried.

First the fun stuff.
I got the laptop from our cool friends in Cali. All they asked in exchange was that I put it to good use. I said I would (and I'm on it now). I also told them they'd definitely be getting some space on the credits of my next big movie. So, here we are, chlling, watching Hogan Knows Best and updating ye ole Blog.

And my brain is just pretty much on auto-pilot right now.
I'm taking this course for get my MCSA certification. And it's supposedly one of the toughest Microsoft courses out there right now. This week I've been working on User Accounts, Group Policies...all that shite. And I'm fried.

I logged in to class to work on some labs tonight, but I have a feeling I'm going to wind up re-doing them this week just for practice sake.

I haven't really been in study mode quite like this since college. I had to ramp up a bit for the I3 Boot Camp (telephony stuff), but this is just different. It's not that it really hard per se, it's just very, very detailed and in-depth. There's really a lot to this shit.

In other news this weekend, I finished a video for my brother. It's my nephew and his friend at a talent show doing a sort of deuling drums kind of thing. The DVD came out very cool. I'll probably put it in a windows media format so I can stream it from the site. I'm sure that Justin and his friends would dig that.

I've also been going through the old tapes from the old bands and listening to them. There really was some good shtuff there. I don't think I realized at the time how cool it was playing with some of those people. I'll probably post some of them soon (I've gotten a tiny bit better at mixing down tracks and some of them actually sound a LOT better than I remembered).

Actually, why wait? Here's a couple instrumentals from Napoleon's Sister (from 98-99 when I worked at Abbott Foods). It's me on rythym guitar, Terry Williams (my then-boss) on lead guitar, Tim Shay (a friend of Terry's) on bass, and Darrin on drums (on A-Groove), and a drum machine on Back to Djibouti.

Back to Djibouti
The A-Groove

In the next few days, I'll probably be throwing a few more obscure trax from the A.T.Skaggs participatory back-catalog.

Apologies for the disjointedness of this post. And for it's abrupt endi


Darrin said…
heh heh ... The A Groove. Nothing like trying to sounds like a full kit on a Yamaha DD-5 with four drum pads. I think I was only playing bass drum and snare. I don't even think I heard a cymbal crash in there. Ha! That was some fun stuff.

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