Well, Heck

I don't agree with the President on a lot of things. At least I'm assuming I don't. In truth, for 6 years now it's hard to tell what the hell the prez is thinking.

And I'm OK with that. Part of the great thing about this country is that it's my choice to think that Bush is dropping the ball on a lot of things.

And then he goes and does this.

He goes head to head with the RIAA (who happen to be the one group I despise more than lobbyists).

Thanks, Gizmodo for giving me something that I can agree on with the president. Thanks a freakin' lot. I don't care-I'm still not a Bush fan. But at least now, with him in the ring, hopefully something will be done to stop the RIAA's foolish tirade on online music/files.

Maybe this second term won't be a total wash after all.


~ruthie said...

so i'm confused--is it illegal to "rip" cd's you own onto your own mp3 player?

*whiney voice*

when are you going thrifting?? Your killing me here!!!!!

Todd S. said...

Thrifting-tomorrow. 1/2 price day (yay!).

Ripping-Illegal. Yes. This year. Last year (and posted on the RIAA official FAQ, it was perfectly fine).-They've got their thumbs so far up their butts, they don't know whether they've been screwed or snakebit.

But, um, thrifting. Tomorrow.

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