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No time for a real post. Haven't been thrifting in a while (although Weds is 1/2 price day-so that will change).

Just wanted to share this picture with you.
I took it this morning at Hoover Resevoir (in Ohio, not the real one).

I got up to film the sunrise for a video project I'm working on.

Seeing the sunrise over the water defies words.

Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day!

Open Letter to a Vandal

*I realize that this is of course, not really going to be read by the person that keyed my car Monday since you know nothing about me, this is more for me to let things go and clear the air.-Todd Dear Person(s) That Keyed My Car, I wanted to tell you that I'm not mad anymore. And I forgive you. I realize that it's not your fault. It's mine. My fault for expecting things to be like they always were. For not expecting anything unusual to happen in a parking lot that's housed my car without incident for 7 years. For thinking that random acts of stupidness would continue to elude me. You have shown me the light. I now know that stupidity is a pandemic that can strike anyone anywhere at any time. I'd also like to thank you. Thanks to you my car will be getting washed this weekend (something that hasn't happened for a couple of years, at least). And it will also be getting buffed and waxed (which hasn't happened in the 6 years that I've owned the c…

My New Mastercard Commercial

Court Costs, Lost wages, Attorney fees: $2,347.94
Sentence for Assault & Battery: 3-5 years
Satisfaction of catching someone in the act of keying your car....Priceless.

Whether it's blatant street justice, vigiliantism, or sheer revenge nothing helps keep you going like MasterCard.

MasterCard. Accepted by Clerks of Courts in all 50 states.

Son of a B****!

I'm eating dinner and my stepson comes in..."did you get keyed?" asking me this as if it's some badge of honor or something. And I said "no, not that I'm aware of."

And then I calmly finished my dinner and went out to look. It was on the passenger side (which explains why I didn't see it when I got in the car to come home today. But sure as shit...I was keyed.

And I have to tell pisses me off. And I would have caught the ratbastards in the act...someone would have been hurting. That's just chickenshit.

I don't know who, specifically, it was. I just know who, in general, it was.

There is a group of temps that work on the 3rd floor. And on most days around the time I'm leaving, they're down in the smoking room (in the garage). And that's fine. As long as they stay in that room to smoke and not right by the exit doors, whatever. I'm fine with it. But they don't just let that be that.

At 5PM, the autodoor locks in the ga…


Mmmmmm. I love White Castles. Unfortunately, the affection is not reciprocated. Nonetheless, it was worth it to have my Whities last night at 1AM. Of course, I had to go 4 hours away from home to get them. Well, I didn't have to, but I never get them in Columbus, so since I was not in Columbus, I got some. And Jen had some White Castle fries (which, contrary to the Beastie Boys song, no longer come in only one size) and some of my onion chips. The reason for this gluttonous feast?

Dylar's 13th birthday party. Dylar is Dylan. Son of my wife's cousin's husband. And they live in Indiana. And a couple of weeks ago, they asked if I could dj his birthday party of about 20-25 13yr olds. So I said "sure" and proceeded to panic about whether I would have the sufficient gear and "cool factor" to dj such a bash. Turns out the gear took care of itself and the cool-factor was really irrelevant. It's a bunch of 13 yr. olds. They have no idea what cool is yet.…

I Love MS Paint

Got the Birthday party in 15 hours or so. First "real" tune-throwing gig in oh..20 years or so. I'm pretty pumped. Got most of my stuff packed up (I'll load it up in the car tomorrow).

And it moment of MS Paint Glory....

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

Question of the Day

Q: What do you get when you put a 30-something yr. old man, with a yamaha 150 watt powered mixer, an iPod, a laptop, a Audio Centron PA cab, 2 Infinity SM115 speakers and a buttload of MP3's? A:.DJ SonicTodd Some of you might remember my "sonictoad" phase. Please don't ask me what the heck that was about. I thought it was cool or something. I still get stuff sent to the sonictoad email (even though I've made the todd at twistedzen dot com my primary email). Sonictoad has evolved or gone extinct. From now on, the moniker for any (cough) dj'ing or mixing shite I do will be as DJ SonicTodd It's simple, clean. To the point. I'll be giving the new persona a trial (by fire) run this Friday night. If I haven't disclosed the full details, then I'm a doof. But the dealio is this: Jen and I driving over to Indy  Friday afternoon (Nancy and Tommy are staying home). And I'm DJ'ing Dylan's (of Hippy Birthdoy Dylar fame) 13th birthday …

Weekend Update

Nothing new to report.
I was going to a big long post about the weekend, but I'm just not feeling it right now.

My tummy is kind of yucky. I think I put too much Bay Seasoning on the popcorn.

But it's all good. Because I'm listening to Newcleus in my new Noise Canceling Radio Shack (Koss) headphones. And dude...they sound sweet. I'm pretty sure I can drown out the talking d****bags in the quiet lab.

And, they are going to be good for filming. I'll be able to hear just what's coming through the camera (or the minidisc). And they should be pretty good for this weekend.

And, also for the weekend, I picked up some Monster Cable that RadioShack had on sale. This freakin' cable is normally like $40 for the heavy duty braided stuff. It was on sale for $9. I didn't see how I could pass it up. And it's definitely more pro-looking than the 18gauge BS speaker wire on a spool I would have been using. This stuff looks like it belongs with the mixer and maybe it'…


I don't know why I didn't see this coming. They do this every year. But tonight...dammit...I didn't think it would be Chris!!!

American Idol, you are dead to me.

At least until next season's auditions where I can laugh at the new crop of wannabes.

Ain't Nothin' But a (4)G Thang

I know 2 things. I cannot, repeat CANNOT walk past a Cinnabon store 6 times in one week without making a purchase. It just isn't going to happen.And it didn't. On my way to pick up the 4th iPod in 15 months (more on that later), I broke down on pass number 6. I figured, what the heck, I have plenty of flex points left. I was pleasantly surprised. They were only 1/2 as bad for me as I had been planning for.The second thing I know is this. The Apple Protection Plan (A mere $59 out of pocket) for the iPod was WELL FREAKIN' WORTH IT! Worth it? Yes dear readers, totally, absolutely, unequivocally worth every penny. Why? Because I've gone through 3 of the damn things in 15 months. Yes. I'm on iPod # 4 as we speak. Yes, you read correctly. The iPod I got last night (which was iPod #3) screwed the pooch today. I hadn't even listened to a single song!! I took it in to the the G(enius) Bar today at lunch and said to Brad (Tad and Chad must'…


If you guessed from the title that this post was about a dead iPod. You were right. But I don't have any prizes. Just give yourself a pat on the back and pretend it's from me.

Yeah. I got the sad iPod face tonight. And then I got the click, click, click, click sound that I know all too well. It's the sound of the seek heads on a harddrive not being able to line up properly. So, at 8:30 I hopped in the squeakmobile and headed over to the Apple store at Easton. I tried to get signed in at the genius bar, but it said they were too busy, but Tad and Chad (not their real names) were able to help anyway between the other two customers there.

As soon as I get done explaining the situation to Tad , I go to hand him my iPod and I turned it on. And the damn thing worked!! I told him that the crisis was averted, but he offered to run diagnostics on it anyway. I said "Sure. Fire Away"

I hand it to him and he asks, "Do you mind if I wipe the harddrive?" Well, no. I…

Genius Director Or Marketing Genius?

Finally....after nearly 20 years, Lucas is doing the right thing. The only thing that can satisfy true StarWars fans (and by true, I mean those who actually saw it in movie theatres in 1977 before it was Orwelled into the piece of tauntaun dung that it is today).
That's right. The original, unaltered versions of the original trilogy are coming out on DVD. No Greedo shooting (and missing horribly-you really think anyone, let alone a bounty hunter would miss from 2 feet???). No Hayden Christiansen (I just threw up a bit in my mouth) superimposed at the end of Return of the Jedi. No re-dubbing of Boba Fett's voice with the piss poor what's his nuts that played Jango Fett. No Han Solo stepping on Jabba's tail. No Jabba period until the appropriate reveal (I don't want to see him in Star Wars. It just clouds the issue). No super fancy death star explosion. No super digitally enhanced special effects. Just …

Everybody's Thriftin' for the Weekend've all been so kind and patient with me lately that I thought I'd give you a little somethin' to roll into my three-day weekend with. Today (that day actually being Thursday, and not Friday when I actually got around to writing this), Wayrho and I headed over to Ohio Thrift for a special late-week thrift.

I had planned on just doing a t-shirt only post, but I got more. Oh yes. Much more.

Let's start of with this lovely Stetson "Untamed*" Gift pack....

(*You can't tell from this pic, but the crumpled up Pabst beer can and the wifebeater t-shirt is also included.)

Up next, this lovely picture frame (that reminds me of a toilet paper tube project we did in art class in 2nd Grade).
Oh's from way back in yore!

That's right boys and girls...for only $9 (American) you can have this....
your very own soul-stealing wooden creep you the f*** out monkey!!

OK...a leather steering wheel cover I can understand.

But sheepskin?? I don't kno…

Out of Sorts

Not sure what my deal is today. I got up this morning to go for a walk and it was spitting rain, but no biggie. My thriftstore Nikes were kind of hurting my feet, so that didn't help. But it felt good to go for the walk (other than the hurting feet). And it's all going well...and then I get into work and just turn into PMS-Man.  I don't know what my deal is. I just feel bitchy this morning and I'm not sure why. Yeah. That's all I got.

Dishonorable Discharge

The Salvation Army Thrift Store has joined the list of places I won't go unless I have to.

I took Wayne over to get a new tire put on his motorcycle. And lucky for me, it's right across the street from the Salvation Army Thrift Store. So, we stopped over on the way back to the office.And I have to just sucks now. It went from 1990's quaint but still kind of '06 trailer trash.

The racks were turned a different way. Things were all moved around.But that wasn't the worst.They took the vinyl off of these GREAT shelves that they used to have (yes, I coveted the shelves and wanted some just like them in my house). They put the albums in freakin' crates and laundry baskets.


Sure fire way to get me to not look at the albums is to put them into containers that are clearly designed for something else entirely (like laundry baskets).So, yeah. It's off the list of the thriftstore run. It's just not cool anymore.

Just a sad shadow of its forme…