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Ain't Nothin' But a (4)G Thang

I know 2 things.
  1. I cannot, repeat CANNOT walk past a Cinnabon store 6 times in one week without making a purchase. It just isn't going to happen.And it didn't. On my way to pick up the 4th iPod in 15 months (more on that later), I broke down on pass number 6. I figured, what the heck, I have plenty of flex points left. I was pleasantly surprised. They were only 1/2 as bad for me as I had been planning for.The second thing I know is this.
  2. The Apple Protection Plan (A mere $59 out of pocket) for the iPod was WELL FREAKIN' WORTH IT!
Worth it? Yes dear readers, totally, absolutely, unequivocally worth every penny. Why? Because I've gone through 3 of the damn things in 15 months. Yes. I'm on iPod # 4 as we speak. Yes, you read correctly. The iPod I got last night (which was iPod #3) screwed the pooch today. I hadn't even listened to a single song!! I took it in to the the G(enius) Bar today at lunch and said to Brad (Tad and Chad must've been off)..."Dude. What the hell?" I got the standard "wow...we normally don't have this kind of problem (translation:most people don't ever use their Apple Protection Plan).   I told him I was pissed. He said he would be too. Great. Now stop trying to bond and get me a piece of gear that works, mmmkay? If THIS one dies an unnatural death, I'm gonna crawl up Apple's butt and demand a pony or something. I should NOT have to come in as a matter of routine every 6 months and get a new iPod because mine decides to head down south for the winter never to return.
Back to Brad. He vanishes. 20 minutes later he emerges with a new (to me) 40GB iPod. He gave me some spiel about how he loaded songs, ran the update, ran the restore and loaded more songs (and "Hey-at least their free, but don't listen to them too long or your ears will bleed"-his exact words).  So, I played the thing all the way back to the office. I figured, if it's gonna be dead by morning, I'm gonna listen it now. Bleeding ears and all.
And it seems to be fine. So, 4th one's a charm. I'll try to keep a warm and fuzzy outlook about this one and who knows?
What? I'm sorry. You'll have to speak to my left ear. The right one seems to be full of something.


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