If you guessed from the title that this post was about a dead iPod. You were right. But I don't have any prizes. Just give yourself a pat on the back and pretend it's from me.

Yeah. I got the sad iPod face tonight. And then I got the click, click, click, click sound that I know all too well. It's the sound of the seek heads on a harddrive not being able to line up properly. So, at 8:30 I hopped in the squeakmobile and headed over to the Apple store at Easton. I tried to get signed in at the genius bar, but it said they were too busy, but Tad and Chad (not their real names) were able to help anyway between the other two customers there.

As soon as I get done explaining the situation to Tad , I go to hand him my iPod and I turned it on. And the damn thing worked!! I told him that the crisis was averted, but he offered to run diagnostics on it anyway. I said "Sure. Fire Away"

I hand it to him and he asks, "Do you mind if I wipe the harddrive?" Well, no. If they gave me a knew one, I'd have to start over from scratch anyway. So, I told him to have at it.

He looked at me and said, "You got all your songs on iTunes? Any thing on here I should know about"

Well...I've got some blow in the glove box and a 12 gauge under the seat MP3Officer, but other than that, nothing to worry about.

Of course I didn't say that. Hell, I didn't even think about it until I got 1/2 way home with my new (quite likely refurbed) iPod. That was after I convinced myselft that the iPodstapo was not going to come after me because Tad had wiped the harddrive.

And now the new (quite likely refurbed) iPod is charging. I'll start the task of loading up again tomorrow (if I got started tonight, I'd never get any sleep).

I'm actually happy this happened when it did (instead of at the party). I got the sad iPod face a month or so back and it mysteriously recovered again. But, I have to say my confidence in it wasn't too high.

And I need it to work next weekend. I'd hate to have the thing just take a big old crap at Dylan's birthday party. How the heck do you tell a roomful of 13 year olds that there's not going to be any music at the party because the iPod took a dump.

But all seems to be well now.

And about that pat on the back? Heck, take two-they're small.


Darrin said...

I have to say, i don't understand why they seem to break so frequently. I guess they just don't make things the way they used too.... ie, big and bulky and able to withstand a drop from at least 10 feet up.

bwt... any luck on editing that crap-tastical AAD footage. I'm sure if you even started, it is some of the most boring footage ever (with the exception of me getting angry at my headphone cords).


Todd S. said...

Well, it's a little harddrive in there. And there is no harddrive with movable heads that will not eventually fail. And they probably don't honest EXPECT anyone to actually load the full 37GB of music on there (fools).

They took care of me today when I went back for iPod #4 (this one was totally not my fault).

As for the AAD footage. I've gotten through about 2, 2.5 hours of it. I have to play it on VHS, transfer it to MiniDV before I transfer it to the harddrive. So I'm trying to cut down on my actual footage by being a little more selective on what gets captured to MiniDV. I have to say, though, I really think I can work with it. If I can get a few more interviews (And probably interview you again at some point), I really think it will flesh out into a decent 15-20 minute short.

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