Everybody's Thriftin' for the Weekend

Alright...you've all been so kind and patient with me lately that I thought I'd give you a little somethin' to roll into my three-day weekend with. Today (that day actually being Thursday, and not Friday when I actually got around to writing this), Wayrho and I headed over to Ohio Thrift for a special late-week thrift.

I had planned on just doing a t-shirt only post, but I got more. Oh yes. Much more.

Let's start of with this lovely Stetson "Untamed*" Gift pack....

(*You can't tell from this pic, but the crumpled up Pabst beer can and the wifebeater t-shirt is also included.)

Up next, this lovely picture frame (that reminds me of a toilet paper tube project we did in art class in 2nd Grade).

Oh look...it's from way back in yore!

That's right boys and girls...for only $9 (American) you can have this....

your very own soul-stealing wooden creep you the f*** out monkey!!

OK...a leather steering wheel cover I can understand.

But sheepskin?? I don't know what "four seasons comfort" is, but if any of those seasons include rain, your steering wheel is going to smell like wet sheep. And nobody wants that!

I don't think I'm alone here when I say that clowns just creep me the hell out.

And one .that sounds like an ice-cream truck on acid with a turning head is just plain wrong. Very uncalled for indeed!

This is what happens when purses can no long be useful members of society:

Screw you NetFlix! This is kickin' it old school.
It's just how I roll.

And now on to the shirts. Once again, Hawaiian shirts for skinny ass people...Oh how you mock me!! But not for long...

Revenge was mine when I found this little gem..
And while it's technically not a Hawaiian shirt, per se (unless the Old Navy was stationed in Hawaii), it does have that general feel. And that's good enough for me.

Hmm. That's a funny way to spell "Peyton."

Let this be a lesson to you...if you're the 2nd string quarterback...you WILL get your own t-shirt. but you will NOT find it anywhere but in thrift stores.

OK. Whatever drugs you're taking that let you think it's OK to wear these on the golf course, you gotta share.
C'mon. Pass the dutchie on the left hand side, man.

I...um. I don't really have any words for this.

This shirt I really wanted. For obvious reasons, of course.

And the award for best bastardization of a reality show logo goes to....

some bar! At least I think it was a bar. I don't know. I was really wasted at the time.

Annoying the rest of us for 20 years...
Now I wonder where I could get a CD to load some trial hours....say 1400 trial hours??

Do you even have to ask? Of course this came home with me.

Next question?

Wow. OK ladies...wear it with pride. Now you can be a "chick" AND objectified as property with one amazing t-shirt.
Except the chick wih the barbells. I have a feeling she could kick Rick's ass.

Now I ask you...what good is the t-shirt without the special glasses to decode the secret message from the Cap'n?

I have only heard of Eskimo Joe's from one other person. And had this been my size, I would have picked it up to match the purple Eskimo Joe's bandana I was given by that person.

And that about wraps it up for the shirts. And now ladies and gentlemen, I must warn you this next shot is very disturbing...

Yes. It's Kenny Rogers. Painted on black velvet. Oh the humanity!

In an effort to embrace cultural and gender diversity, the Ohio Thrift Store is proud to present...

The Gay Bar Starter Set. Nothing but the finest leathers!

And, if you act now, this set of 4 "Holy Crap" candles can be yours!

Operators are standing by.

That's the biggest pair of...meditation balls I've ever seen!

Now, I'm not an expert, but I have a few sets of these meditiation balls (the ones that soothe you when they touch and annoy everyone around you at the same instant)...and none of them are the size of small baseballs!

While these technically aren't a thrift item, they were in a vending machine at the thriftstore so it's fair game.
OK...WTF? After what-50 years, Hostess changes the wrapped on the Ding Dongs. That's just not right.

And in closing, I'll leave you with a bumper sticker we saw in the parking lot.

Good night.


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~ruthie said...

YAY! a new thrifting post for the weekend. what a way to end a week!
thanks! :)

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