Genius Director Or Marketing Genius?

Finally....after nearly 20 years, Lucas is doing the right thing. The only thing that can satisfy true StarWars fans (and by true, I mean those who actually saw it in movie theatres in 1977 before it was Orwelled into the piece of tauntaun dung that it is today).

That's right. The original, unaltered versions of the original trilogy are coming out on DVD. No Greedo shooting (and missing horribly-you really think anyone, let alone a bounty hunter would miss from 2 feet???). No Hayden Christiansen (I just threw up a bit in my mouth) superimposed at the end of Return of the Jedi. No re-dubbing of Boba Fett's voice with the piss poor what's his nuts that played Jango Fett. No Han Solo stepping on Jabba's tail. No Jabba period until the appropriate reveal (I don't want to see him in Star Wars. It just clouds the issue). No super fancy death star explosion. No super digitally enhanced special effects. Just the original brilliant trilogy that captivated our hearts nearly 30 years ago.

All I can say is....it's about damn time.


Darrin said...

yeah... i'm no huge star wars fan (given by the fact that i didn't see the original star wars until 1991), but I am very happy that George (or at least his company) got their heads out of their arses. It will be interesting to see if they try to sneak something in. The hard core fans like yourself will be saying 'hey! there were blue outlines on darth vader's light saber during that scene!!!'.

i will probably get those.. but i am sure there are alot of fans that were saying, 'thanks, but why didn' you just release the original trilogy in a box set without the new ones'. a word of advise to those fans: shut the hell up and quit your bitching. you FINALLY got what you wanted. don't spoil it.

Todd S. said...

word on the street is that these are supposed to be the pristine original theatrical cuts...goofs and all.

It will be interesting to see if they paint Darth Vader's lightsaber in during the duel w/Obi Wan (in the original, there were several frames where it was white).

and yes..we finally got what we wanted. And Lucas gets what he wants....more money!

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