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Q: What do you get when you put a 30-something yr. old man, with a yamaha 150 watt powered mixer, an iPod, a laptop, a Audio Centron PA cab, 2 Infinity SM115 speakers and a buttload of MP3's?
A:.DJ SonicTodd
Some of you might remember my "sonictoad" phase. Please don't ask me what the heck that was about. I thought it was cool or something. I still get stuff sent to the sonictoad email (even though I've made the todd at twistedzen dot com my primary email). Sonictoad has evolved or gone extinct. From now on, the moniker for any (cough) dj'ing or mixing shite I do will be as DJ SonicTodd
It's simple, clean. To the point.
I'll be giving the new persona a trial (by fire) run this Friday night. If I haven't disclosed the full details, then I'm a doof. But the dealio is this: Jen and I driving over to Indy  Friday afternoon (Nancy and Tommy are staying home). And I'm DJ'ing Dylan's (of Hippy Birthdoy Dylar fame) 13th birthday party. Free pizza and chips and salsa...how could I say no? We'll be staying over and driving back home Saturday morning where I need to be available to provide more music for our neighbor's Saturday afternoon cook-out/birthday party for his woman. So I have to make the switch from Thug(c)rap to Classic Rock in less than 24 hours.
I have to say I'm really looking forward to it. It's not really a big deal, I know. The use of the term "DJ" could really be seen as somewhat limited in this particular context. There will be no scratching per se. And there will be very limited mixing (more like fading in mixes other people have done), but it's still going to be fun. There may be some games of some sort...but it was like- "Todd....play some music for 5 hours.And eat some pizza and chips and salsa" Um. OK!
Who can say no to pizza and chips and salsa? Not me!
I'll definitely give you an update (I think Jen's going to use one of my cameras to film and I'll be using the other one as the "booth cam." Who knows, maybe we'll get a fun little movie out of it?
There's going to be little going on between now and then. I'm just warning you now that I probably won't be doing many updates before the weekend.
Peace Out.

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Darrin said...

best o luck on the gig. play up a storm, yo!

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