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Son of a B****!

I'm eating dinner and my stepson comes in..."did you get keyed?" asking me this as if it's some badge of honor or something. And I said "no, not that I'm aware of."

And then I calmly finished my dinner and went out to look. It was on the passenger side (which explains why I didn't see it when I got in the car to come home today. But sure as shit...I was keyed.

And I have to tell pisses me off. And I would have caught the ratbastards in the act...someone would have been hurting. That's just chickenshit.

I don't know who, specifically, it was. I just know who, in general, it was.

There is a group of temps that work on the 3rd floor. And on most days around the time I'm leaving, they're down in the smoking room (in the garage). And that's fine. As long as they stay in that room to smoke and not right by the exit doors, whatever. I'm fine with it. But they don't just let that be that.

At 5PM, the autodoor locks in the garage engage and they get locked out. And by locked out, I mean they have to drag their fatasses around to the front of the building where the lock is still open until about 7 (at which point, there's a buzzer so someone on the 2nd floor can buzz them in). So, they're never really locked out.

But that doesn't matter. The walk is just uncalled for. So they prop the door open. Flip the lock on the door so that they can get back in. Well...I and some others in my office have a tendency to lock that door back up. It's a security risk and I'm sick of them thinking they should get special treatment because they don't want to walk the 100 feet to the front door.

So, If I had to guess, I'd bet money that one of those nicotine huffin' chickenshits keyed my car today.

It's an easy car to spot (A couple of bumper stickers see to that). And I'm an easy target. They wouldn't dare key the car of someone that's in management (i.e. parks in the garage).

Well, I'm not going out like that. I just called building management, told them my suspicions, and tomorrow will be calling the Columbus Police to come out and file a report (so I can at least get the thing taken care of).

Good news is, most of the things don't look particularly deep (more surface scratches than deep gouges) which leads me to believe it was a girl and she was in a hurry and didn't want to get caught.

This ain't over by a damn sight.


Darrin said…
That sucks. Sorry, bro.
Todd S. said…
It does. And the truth is...I won't call the police. They won't do anything. There's nothing they can do. The parking lot is technically an "open lot" and it's very near a city bus stop. So, they're not going to be able to do anything. And the building management company isn't going to do anything.

It was just easier for me to assume it was an act of revenge than some random act of stupidity (which is more likely).

And with a $500 deductible, it's going to be easier for me to just buff out what I can, get a touch up pen and then just go from there.

Shit happens.

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