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Is There a Doctor In the House?

Yes. Yes there is.
Two of them to be precise.

I'm sad to say I failed the reader quest. I found no Ronco item (although the Rotator potato peeler thing was probably close) and no New Kids on the Block (although, to be completely fair, I only partially glanced at the tapes).

And I don't have pictures. Tonight was a mission-kind of night. I needed to pick up some new shirts and some new jeans (smaller shirts and jeans :-)

So, I really didn't go in to take pix tonight. And it's all good.

Did I score?

Hells yeah.

Several shirts (Old Navy, AE, Hilfiger) averaged about $1.50 each. A pair of Timberland jeans ($4) and another pair of jeans for $3.50. And a pair of Brooks tennis shoes for $3.50 (that run about $70 online).

But the steal was $5 for the other pair of shoes I got.

These shoes.

Yes. You read that right. Doc Martens for $5.

Nancy got a kick ass pair of Naturalizer black pumps for $3.00.

So, for $11.50, we got close to $200 in shoes. I've never been this freakin' excit…

Bated Breath

I know I promised to get the other thrift store post back (but that's a LOT of pictures to load again)... Anyway...I just wanted to drop this little teaser in- Tomorrow is 1/2 Price Day at the ThriftStore!!!! On the hunt list we have: Some new golf shirts for workStarWars merch (real vintage, not this Lucas pseudo-vintage shite--don't even get me started!)Coca-Cola stuff for Jena Hi8mm camcorder that plays back (don't so much care about the recording)And one random, reader suggested item (that's your cue folks!)And maybe (I'm not making any promises) the missing thrift post with pictures, and not just my witty remarks will make it back up on the site. Peace Out!


OK. I had a great post (At least I think it was pretty cool).

BUT (or is it BUTT)...I had a problem loading the pix to Blogger.

So, I loaded the pix over to my website and put a link in the actual post to the pictures.

This caused it to blow chunks. It had to load 40 pix (that were about 1MB each).

So, sorry about that folks. I'm taking this post offline for now until I get it cleared up (and the pictures loaded up to Blogger).

I'll try to get it back up this weekend.


A Little Something To Tie You Over

OK. I know I have been INCREDIBLY tardy with the thriftstore posts (And there are digital pictures at home waiting to be posted from last night's trip), but here's a little something to keep you amused until I get them posted.

I LOVE the new Windows XP Transparent Desktop plug-in!!
(no photoshop involved in this).

But, alas, I cannot take credit for the idea...I found it on and the original flikr album is here

Enjoy (and I promise more thrift shots soon!!)

What I Was So Busy With

So, my nephew graduated high school (which makes me feel OLD. OK, not really, but isn't that what you say when people that you knew from infancy reach major life milestones?) So, yeah. He graduated and my sis-in-law wanted me to put together a video for him.

I got the photo scans and video clips to edit 4 days before she needed the video. Yes. Four days. Now, I'm used to putting things off, so I don't mind the rush of trying to get something done in the last minute, but normally I'M the one that likes to procrastinate (and I build in my own deadlines accordingly). But anyway...the video when off without a hitch. Everyone loved it and like the broke-bastard that I am, that became my graduation gift (he'll appreciate it when he's older).

And along about that same time, I was asked to do a promo-video (a 'commercial' if you will) for a church retreat for Hyde Park Methodist Church in Cincinatti. I don't know anything about the church, but the reverend…

Dooooooooood don't panic, ok do.

So a couple weeks back we were flipping up near one of the MTV's that actually still show videos and saw this frenetic, twisted bizarre video. And we were hooked. We had to see who it was.
Turns out it was Panic!At The Disco. The song was "I Write Sins Not Tragedies." I don't know why but I dug it.

I found the disc the other day and picked it up. I just listened to the whole thing today without any interruptions or distraction and all I can say is...dooooooooood.

The album rocks.

It's definitely not for kiddies. It's just very well put together, and the singer is very engaging. It's just a cool frickin' album. I don't know enough about the other "THE -ES" bands (THE Bravery, the HivES, the white stripES, etc) to tell you if it's derivative of those acts or not, but I can's a rockin' album and I'm sure I'm gonna give it many many more listens.

On another note, the new Pink album is pretty phenomenal, too.

More upda…