Bated Breath

I know I promised to get the other thrift store post back (but that's a LOT of pictures to load again)...
Anyway...I just wanted to drop this little teaser in-
Tomorrow is 1/2 Price Day at the ThriftStore!!!!
On the hunt list we have:
  • Some new golf shirts for work
  • StarWars merch (real vintage, not this Lucas pseudo-vintage shite--don't even get me started!)
  • Coca-Cola stuff for Jen
  • a Hi8mm camcorder that plays back (don't so much care about the recording)
  • And one random, reader suggested item (that's your cue folks!)
And maybe (I'm not making any promises) the missing thrift post with pictures, and not just my witty remarks will make it back up on the site.
Peace Out!


Darrin said...

Hmmm... I know that I don't need anything else in the house at the moment (except for the Remco Sound FX Machine... but it is uber-rare)... so I think you should find...

Some thing that is a blatantly labeled Ronco item. :) It's the first thing I thought of and it's 7am, so cut me some slack.

~ruthie said...

i was thinking for the random item--something with new kids on the block--only b/c it came up in conversation earlier today. :)

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