Dooooooooood don't panic, ok do.

So a couple weeks back we were flipping up near one of the MTV's that actually still show videos and saw this frenetic, twisted bizarre video. And we were hooked. We had to see who it was.
Turns out it was Panic!At The Disco. The song was "I Write Sins Not Tragedies." I don't know why but I dug it.

I found the disc the other day and picked it up. I just listened to the whole thing today without any interruptions or distraction and all I can say is...dooooooooood.

The album rocks.

It's definitely not for kiddies. It's just very well put together, and the singer is very engaging. It's just a cool frickin' album. I don't know enough about the other "THE -ES" bands (THE Bravery, the HivES, the white stripES, etc) to tell you if it's derivative of those acts or not, but I can say...it's a rockin' album and I'm sure I'm gonna give it many many more listens.

On another note, the new Pink album is pretty phenomenal, too.

More updates on the way (be careful what you ask for).

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