Is There a Doctor In the House?

Yes. Yes there is.
Two of them to be precise.

I'm sad to say I failed the reader quest. I found no Ronco item (although the Rotator potato peeler thing was probably close) and no New Kids on the Block (although, to be completely fair, I only partially glanced at the tapes).

And I don't have pictures. Tonight was a mission-kind of night. I needed to pick up some new shirts and some new jeans (smaller shirts and jeans :-)

So, I really didn't go in to take pix tonight. And it's all good.

Did I score?

Hells yeah.

Several shirts (Old Navy, AE, Hilfiger) averaged about $1.50 each. A pair of Timberland jeans ($4) and another pair of jeans for $3.50. And a pair of Brooks tennis shoes for $3.50 (that run about $70 online).

But the steal was $5 for the other pair of shoes I got.

These shoes.

Yes. You read that right. Doc Martens for $5.

Nancy got a kick ass pair of Naturalizer black pumps for $3.00.

So, for $11.50, we got close to $200 in shoes. I've never been this freakin' excited about shoes.

I know I'm letting y'all down on the thrift front (and I promise when things slow down a bit, I'll post the pix from the last jaunt).

But...to tell you how utterly kickin' this 1/2 price Wednesday is...we basically got (easily)$500 worth of merch for....(drum roll....) $50.

Rather a boring post, I suspect.

But it's all I got for now.

1 comment:

~ruthie said...

wow, docs for cheap! i've paid full price for every pair i've owned.
congrats on the need for smaller shirts and jeans. :)
sorry you didn't find anything with NKOTB. i challenge you to continue on the NKOTB quest on your next visit--check clothing and other assorted merchandise--i had everything from earrings to pillowcases to tapes.

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