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Back To School Thrift

Alright. The days are getting shorter and the beer isn't staying cold for quite as long. And you know what that means...back to school!

My daughter started 7th grade yesterday (yikes) and my son started 5th grade (and he's already sick of hearing that he's setting the example for the school). And I'm feeling old. SEVENTH grade. Zoinks.

I haven't been back to the thrift store in a couple weeks so, these are some pix that I took but never got posted (and by never I mean that they got posted once and then blogger crapped out and I lost 2 hours of work).

So, here's a blast from the past to tide you over until tomorrow (or the next day), because hey-tomorrow's 1/2 price day and I still have some Ronco items and a NKOTB item to hunt down.

This is mainly going to be a shirt post.

And what better way to start out the shirt post than with this kick ass JEGGGGGGGS!!!!!! shirt (you have to say it in a deep booming, radio voice for the full effect).

This is one of those O…

Hoooleeeee Shnikee

I have 4 words for you.

Yes. We saw it tonight.

It was off the hook.
It was so far off the hook I can't even think of a hook that could have contained it to begin with.

It was every single thing I was expecting.

And so much more.

A MUST SEE for any Samuel L. Jackson fan.

There are so many things in the movie that make it a piece of sh*t. And if not for the sheer audience participation factor it would have died a slow, cabin-depressurizing death. IT really is a bad movie. In a Deathrace 2000 kind of way, though.

The violence and gore is purely gratuitous. The nudity superfluous. The profanity free flowing. The plot impossibly thin. And the pacing schizophrenic.

And yet...I find myself wanting to see it again with a bigger audience. With as many people as possible.

I have to agree with the buzz that it could surpass the Rocky Horror Picture Show as the ultimate audience participation event.

Go see it. Trust me on this one.

You'll hate me for it and wonder what I subjected…

People, It's Just a VIDEO

I am amazed at the response my little video has gotten on YouTube. It's had 1600+ viewings and only 4 comments (not including my responses). 1 comment had to do with the mentos/soda burp. The other three basically said that the video was boring or a waste of time. And of the 3 people that said that, only 1 actually had a video entered in the contest. Here's the thing (and I know you don't really care. This is more for me venting because I know that the people who commented on this will not actually read this) the thing is.... I didn't make the video for the stupid Mentos contest. I really didn't. I made it for my family and friends. It was a fun little 1 minute video that I spent 20 minutes editing. And to be honest, I don't give a rip how it fares in the contest (it's not a popularity contest anyway, real-live advertising professionals are going to pick the winner...not the public at large, thank god). I got a t-shirt and 5 iTunes songs comin…

MoMento, MoMento, MoMento

So, there's this "myth" that you can drop mentos in to a bottle of diet cola and it will create a most wonderful fountain.

OK, so it's not a myth.

It's actually quite cool.

And in a bit of summer science fun, we carried out the same little experiment on our court.

Have a look:

And in the event that this YouTube stuff doesn't work right, here it is:
Mo'Mentos (~5MB)

Interstate Thrift

Oh dear readers, do I have a surprise for you! No. That wasn't really a question.
OK. Anyway. Here's how it happened.

Last week my company sent me to Indianopolis to get some training on Voice over IP. And while that's a fascinating subject, it'd make for a boring post.

But while I was there, do you know what I saw? Do ya?

OK. Yes. I did see a bunch of trailers full of Nascars getting ready for the Brickyard 400. But that wasn't really the question I was going for.

I'll save you the trouble.

Across the street from the hotel was (cue choral music):

You betcha! A Salvation Army Family SUPERSTORE!! Now normally I steer clear of our local SA thrift store because, well, quite frankly it blows. I had hoped that being so far from home, this one also wouldn't be a waste of time.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about.

If this painting was any indication, I was gonna be in for a fine time!

If you want to know why clowns creep me out, just take a good look at that painting. …