I Know, OK?

I know. I owe you a post on last week's thrift run.
I'll likely get to that tonight. In the hotel room.

I'm living in Indy this week while I'm at a 5 day class on Voice over IP (think Vonage, but for business, and with no stupid woo hoo song).

And I have to get last week's thrift post up before I put up the post about the Salvation Army Superstore (which I haven't been to yet) which is right next to the hotel.

I'm trying to be mr. studious this week, but there's a lot of shit to learn with this stuff. In addition to the Microsoft class I'm taking, I'm finding that I need little 20 minute breaks in the studying. The thrift store should give the perfect opportunity for that. And yes, I brought along the camera.

I'm also in the middle of a mini-book detailing a rousing bit of self-discovery by a 30 something year old who's sitting in a hotel room for a week wondering why he didn't bring his video camera. Riveting stuff. And pure fiction.

no. really.

OK. Gotta get back to class now.

Peace out.

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