MoMento, MoMento, MoMento

So, there's this "myth" that you can drop mentos in to a bottle of diet cola and it will create a most wonderful fountain.

OK, so it's not a myth.

It's actually quite cool.

And in a bit of summer science fun, we carried out the same little experiment on our court.

Have a look:

And in the event that this YouTube stuff doesn't work right, here it is:
Mo'Mentos (~5MB)


Darrin said...

woot! this is a great little trick. you know that it is a bad ass idea when the mythbusters even pick up on it. :)

Todd S. said...

True dat! And who knew you could have so much fun for $3??

~ruthie said...

any flavor mentos? and any diet cola? or does it work best with diet coke and mint mentos? or diet pepsi and fruity mentos? dude, i need DETAILS to try it!

Todd S. said...

From what others have said, it's any flavor mentos, any soda. BUT....original peppermint Mentos and diet cola seem to make the best fountains. And you don't even have to shake the pop or anything, just dump the mentos in.

~ruthie said...

looks like my weekend plans are set.

Todd S. said...

yup. Most fun you can have for $3! :-)

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