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It' Ain't Me, yo.

Apparently there was some dude with my exact name, approximate age, and penchant for playing guitar in high school (at least I liked to think I was playing). Oh. And he lived in New Mexico and has several 30 something chicks looking to reconnect with him (for what ends I don't know).

All of this has served to (a)give me the idea for a plot involving mistaken identity centered around an ambiguous MySpace page, (b)cancelling my MySpace account (which really, got less action than I did in high school) and (c)confirming once again that MySpace is infact the binary spawn of Satan.

I created the profile for some reason back when my sister in laws SO mentioned something about it or something like that. And since then have only logged in in order to answer these erroneous emails.

First one was cute. Like "Oh wow. someone's got the same name as me" Second one was borderline. By the time the third one hit, I was pretty much done with the phenom. Oh sure, I can't imagine Far…

Prancing Nougat in the Meadow Sings a Song of Thriftisfaction

To the World....

That's right. Your wait is over. Blogger finally got it's photo loading head out of its virtual butt and uploading pix was a breeze tonight.

Of course, some of them are out of sequence (but you're probably used to that by now, huh? Sure you are. Not that it impairs the missions of bringing you quality thrift. No siree.).

Let's jump right in to the mix, shall we?

This first pic looks like some little Village People Beanie Baby, doesn't it? There's just one problem...the thing is over 3ft tall!! That's right...the Haight-Ashbury Special Flaming Purple Teddy comes with handmade bondage wear...that you can wear too!!

OK. I love Lite Brite. Seriously. It was one of the best toys of its day. So, why wouldn't a Junior version kick ass? Seems like it should, eh? There's only one problem. The holes are fake and the pegs are screwed in. This is just another in a long line of baby toys that have funny shapes, light up, and do nothing. Now I know wh…