From the land of suck

The harddrive on my beater laptop died today. This evening, actually. So, hopefully I made backups of the photos from last week's thrift store run (or I might be a tad grumpier than I am now).

But on to other news. I'd like to announce, formally, the newest Blog in Todd"Read all my stuff now"Land.....Side One, Track One.

This blog is going to evolve in to a podcast format. Maybe. For now it's a link to a file. It's about 68 or 69 MB in size, so my ISP would probalby like it better if you downloaded it (plus that'll let you skip ahead if you want to).

I'm not going to go into what it is or what it's all about. It's over there. Go take a look.

Big ups to my bro, Darrin for being my co-host on this week's show.

And now I'm going to go see if I have a spare harddrive anywhere.


1 comment:

Darrin said...

It was a blast bro. Look forward to doing another one!

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