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A Long Thrift Ago....

This last weekend we had the whole clan in from Indiana for the boy's birthday celebration (his birthday was actually Weds, but we had the Bowl-a-Rama/Thriftaganza over the weekend).

Since this isn't the High Plains Birthday Blog, we'll get right to it.

Something's wrong here. Can you guess what?

I was wrong. There is one remaining Members Only jacket in the free world.

Git R Done!

Now I remember why I kept getting my ass kicked in the 80's. Damn you jean jackets!!!

I felt like I should have bought this one.

After all, it did have my name on it.

This hat, however, did not.

Could he be carrying chips in that bag?

Apparently, the three wisemen were separated by a little pot. Or is it a cup?

What house does this belong in? A blue cat with a Wolfman Jack beard? Maybe Wolfman Jack's house. But I think that's about it.

From the creepy eyed porcelain knick knack department...

What the hell is this? I can't even think of a joke for this it's so jacked up.

This came in a black and white box that just says "STUFF."

OK, I'm not even sure this would make sense to me if I were high.

Not even the flowery runner can change the fact that this is crap.

Back to the Creepy Eyed thing...

Old school. This was not digital....the numbers actually flipped.

This clock radio is so Old School that the radio is AM.

For when the pills aren't cutting is anymore.

OK. This one has the double whammy. The creepy eyes and the waxy body.

These are the Doc Martens that Kim always finds that are never the right size. Seriously. Every time she visits and we hit the store, she finds them. And they never fit.

So many places to go with this. But I'll take the geek road and say that this was the WORST add-on software to an operating system since Microsoft Bob.

Do kids really need a lunchbox for their Barney tapes?

And can you beleive I passed on this?

This was funny to me. Because...well, I've never had warm wipes.

Word. Old Skool.

Hey, is that a Taylor Made? Nope. It's a Joe Cool.

Git R Done!

Nash's killer find. A Motocross Jersey AND leather pants!!

But first, I'd like to take a moment to compliment on your choice of fine footwear.

Nah. It's too easy.

A kid's guide to stalking.

Jen holds up the world's tackiest skirt.

This is where Halloween costumes go to suck.

Tommy holds up Wicket the Ewok. And, do you really have to ask? Of COURSE it came home with me.

Dylan demonstrates the proper mis-use of a thrift store wheelchair.

Alec demonstrates the proper method for soloing on the Barbie guitar.

I wuv you enough to give you a stupid illiterate bear.

Sweeeet. Wouldn't fit in the back of the Taurus, though.

Somewhere in the 70's a den is missing its cornerpiece. And damn, I really wanted to take this home. I almost had Nancy sold on it, until I started talking about recarpeting the basement in Goldenrod Shag.

I had one of these. It held chalk. That's it. It was a chalkboard with a handle. And there were little magnetic numbers and letters in it, too. But mostly chalk. With a handle.

Surprisingly, the thing that threw me off about this was not the flavoring, but the fact that I don't think I would buy Uncle Ray's chips (I'm OK with the ketchup thing, though).

My papaw had a collection of these. There's no joke here. It was just cool to see them again.

WTF? Seriously. WTF?

This Jack in the Box is singlehandedly responsible for some messed up kids.

This game ruled.

How could you go wrong? Luke Skywalker...Ginger Lynn (the pr0n chick)...Gimley....the crazy dude from Clockwork Orange? In space!!

Ok...what 8MM gem could I pick up today?
Apparently the new Judas Priest video. Pass.

De Boobzes go in De Bra. Duh.

This cost a fortune back in the day (the "day" being 1998). Now it's just sad. Even more sad is the fact that I spent 5 minutes trying to justify buying it. Couldn't do it.

Bangers and Mash? Then you need a proper football hat.

Nash-O Suaveeeee.

And on the way out, I bought my little lady a little bling bling.
Nothing's too good for my woman.


Darrin said…
Mmmmm... ketchup potato chips. Of course, if you are going for funky potato chip flavors, then you need to check out the selections from Synder's of Hanover (not to be confused with Synder's of Berlin, who make killa BBQ potato chips). SoH had flavors like 'dill pickle', and 'coney dog' (ala bbq and mustard). They used to be available in one of the vending machines at one of the buildings on the OSU campus. It was the building where I took a Mathmatica course my freshman year.
Kim said…
BTW, I found a bitchin' pair of Docs at the JC Penney outlet store. Of course, THEY WERE THE WRONG SIZE.

The shoe gods--they hates me.
~ruthie said…
okay, first off--i WANT that creepy eyed turtle! dude, i know you don't know me, but seriously, you should have bought it. and mailed it to me or something!

anyways, uncle rays chips RULE. especially the ketchup flavor, but so does the dill pickle flavor. of course, they're kind of a detroit institution, but still--you should have got them just to try them. :)

just wanted to let you know that this post was pretty damn awesome!
Todd S. said…
You I was posting I was thinking "someone's gonna want that turtle." If it's there next time, we'll see. :-)

I have to also admit, I have had Uncle Ray's chips. I had the Cheddar and Sour Cream ones. Not bad, but not my fave :-)

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