No Thrift, Just Annoying Friday Rants

OK. I understand that Sen. Mark Foley (R-FL)(ret) is kind of a sleazeball. A perv to be sure. And may or may not be a criminal (really depends on what the emails and IMs said, doesn't it?). At the very least there's a strong possibility that he's a sexual predator.

But apparently the news community wants us to also know that in the midst of all of this deviant behavior, that Mr. Foley is also Gay (with a capital Homo).

Why? Good question.

I'm not sure that him being gay has anything to do with him being a creepy perv. And yet, it's in almost every single article that's out there about this. Foley himself used this as an excuse (along with "I was really drunk at the time" and "I had 493 free minutes left from that AOL CD they keep sending me"). Whatever, dude.

The politicians have already gone full on into "your fault" mode. Dudes....seriously. Who gives a f**k why someone didn't do anything sooner? You can't change that. Deal with it and move on. Figure out why a deviant sexual predator made it into congress in the first place. And for crapsakes, leave his sexual orientation out of it.

If he's gay. Good for him. If he's not, good for him. Who cares? It's not like gay people are the only ones with a corner on the perversion industry. If that were the case, porn sites would look a lot prettier than they do.

The guy's a slime bag. That's it. Plain and simple. Doesn't matter which side of the pink triangle you stand on, a creep's a creep.

I'm just glad the media is focusing on what's really important in the issue.

As usual.

Main Entry: jour·nal·ism
Pronunciation: 'j&r-n&-"li-z&m
Function: noun

1 a : the collection and editing of news for presentation through the media b : the public press c : an academic study concerned with the collection and editing of news or the management of a news medium

2 a : writing designed for publication in a newspaper or magazine b : writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation c : writing designed to appeal to current popular taste or public interest

I blame O.J. for the current state of our media.
High speed chase my ass.

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